Talking of staying under 5 thou revs

My f*cking exup on my YZF thou is seized at the 5k mark - I get the rev counter fault code at anything over 5k - the whole thing is rusted to sh1t and I’m gonna have to drill the screws out to get it out and grease it up which I’m not looking forward to as I’'ve only got an inherited one speed black and decker from the 70’s which goes really fast and skitters all over the place when I’m trying to drill the initial small pilot hole to get the larger drill bit into.

My question is - Is it easier to drill out screws with a drill equipped with a low speed setting? If so then i’ll go out and buy a power drill with multi-speed settings.

Thanks for any advice.

HSS is high speed steel not & not high speed drill slow is best

if you can use an angle grinder then a centre punch & then you should have no problems

if you need a drill I can lend you one a battery drill is fine I use them all the time to drill out seized bolts

Thanks mate - so slow speed is best for drilling out screws.

Really appreciate the offer of the drill thanks :slight_smile: - but I’m gonna buy my own as I have a few of these kind of jobs to do so it’s worth getting one.

Why the hell you would do that?


Do what?

Is an exup valve greasable ? will that not just result in some smoke and some hot grease dripping off it for a few mins till it burns it all away .

my pucker valve only gets warmed up at 5k.

“Talking of staying under 5 thou revs”

Is that a euphemism?!

The exup valve is stuck half open - when I hit anything over 5k revs the motor controlling the exup valve can’t open the valve fully and this registers as a fault code on the rev counter - it’s also going to burn out the valve motor eventually - anything under or at 5k is ok.

The bike will still rev up to the limiter but will be slightly constricted by the half closed valve - also when I go over 5k I find it annoying riding around with the rev counter bouncing from 0 to 7 thousand revs which is how the bike indicates there is a problem with the exup.

Funnily enough living around the 5k mark is actually fine on bike with a 1000 cc torquey motor which is just used for commuting in heavy traffic - I’m either crawling around in congestion or on the motorway where 5k revs equals 80 mph in 5th gear - but obviously I want to sort it out.

Not really - the temperatures in exhaust are so high that most things burn away - but it’s good to disassemble and grease it regularly to keep it moving - however I have heard that there are some high temperature greases that can live at these kind of temperatures (for a while) - and I’m looking into getting hold of some.

The kind of greases they use in assembling turbos apparently.

I think it a graphite type grease they use

I can ask when im back to work as a friend of mine dad works on turbo’s for a living

Thanks! :slight_smile: - Yeah - it’s difficult sourcing this stuff as I think it’s quite specialist.

Ahhh , it’s solid lubrication particles held in a suspension then , not a greases as such, more like a powder but held in a greasy liquid for application .

Beautiful description! :slight_smile:

Thanks mate! - that looks like the right stuff :slight_smile: