Talan Racing

Some of you may now that my firm sponsors Talan Tacing.

Talan Skeels Piggins is the only paraplegic racer in the UK who holds a full UK competition licence and is allowed to race against able bodied riders.

He is currently racing an adapted SV650 in the Thundersport series and at Brands at the weekend he finished 13th out of 34 starters. Not bad for someone who has to rely on upper body strength only.

Anyway, he is currently beng filmed for a documentary to try and spread the word about what can be achieved despite major handicaps.

The documentary is being produced by someone doing it in their spare time at no cost, but their are costs to be incurred for example editing, voice overs and so on.

More information is available at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/talan-racing-documentary

I am posting this just to make people aware, and hope that some of you feel as I do that this project is worth sponsoring so that the message can be put across to a wider audience.

Whether it is £3 or £5 (or more if you are feeling generous) every little helps.

I hope like me you feel that this is something worth donating a few quid to.