Taking Pillion Part 2

Ok so I took my first pillion a couple of months ago, a girl same weight as me and had experience of riding she was a star and I found it not too much of a challenge. Didn’t really have any issues while riding.


I recently took a guy on the back who was a few stone heavier and really struggled. One thing I noticed that probably didn’t help (however gentlemanly of him) he sat back from me and held onto the grab rail which meant the bike felt like it was in two bits. I also noticed that slow control of the bike is was ‘wiggiling’ (probably best way to describe it) with constantly adjusting the steering to cope. Is this normal?

Another query is how long does it take for a bike to re-adjust after having that additional weight on it? I ask because once he’d got of the bike it didn’t feel quote right, does the bike just need to cool down and be left for a while or should go straight back to how it should normally feel?

Check the tyre pressures on your bike.

keep the revs slightly higher when filtering and that wiggling will be reduced. I find it easier when people hold the grab rail… Just ask people to do what suits you better.

I know what i’ll be holding on to:Whistling:

The bloody fool :wink:

On a serious note though, how much difference does adjusting the rear preload make when cayying a pillion?

Quite a lot of difference, particularly as it’s weight away from the front when you carry a pillion, which makes steering vague. Even a tiny pillion is still going to weigh about 50kg, so it’s worth doing.

One more question then (sorry fr the thread hijack Miss Plum)
The manual states a specific tool (included in the tool kit) for the job.
I didn’t get a toolkit with my bike (hornet)…is there something else i can use or should i just get on to the dealer?

Tell the fat bastid to get the bloody bus next time :smiley:

It’s your bike and your rules so next time tell him to hold onto you. It’s easier to control that way anyway I think.

As for the bike feeling different that could be in your head because the pilion experience made the bike feel unusual. It may not be and certainly get inspected at the OMC or something if you think it’s not. A lot of things with my vehicles seem to be in my head so I’m just saying.

Yeah have a feeling its more of a mental thing, work colleague did say that the dampners could have been effected with the heat and the extra pressure applied, after the bike had cooled it would be back to normal.

I’m scheduling a trip down to OMC anyway on Friday and will check all as a I have a few rideouts this weekend and would like peace of mind.

I had my mate pillion who also rides - 6’7ish and over 17st on my old hornet. Didnt adjust any suspension settings. Needed loads more revs. Slow speed maneuvering was a nightmare, front is much lighter as mentioned above. When accelerating and braking the weight shifting around was a big surprise.

But when he got off, felt right back to normal. Phew! Poor hornet was carrying over 30st at that time!

Smooth, smooth, smooth when pillionating.

You didn’t get anything that looked like this?


Nothing at all
Guess the first owner kept the kit or forgot to leave it on the bike.
Have just called them and they are going to get me a pre-load adjuster at least.

Thanks for the info though, least i know what im looking for now!

thats all completly normal, the bike will feel a bit odd after carrying a pillion, takes a while to re adjust, its like changing styles of bikes, feels odd at first.

the steering will go light, i take pillions that weigh more than me and it does feel very light, he should sit forward a bit more it will help and also makes it less likey to lift the front should you pull away a bit lively.

carrying a pillion is hard work, i avoid it if i can! or only take lightwieghts, carrying a pillion that is heavier than you isnt much fun in my book.

raising the revs means also playing with the cluth a bit to control it, better still use your rear brake!

it will help even the weight and keep things balanced and stop the front diving and all wieght transfered to the front- which makes the bike feel odd and uncomfertable.

^^^ thats what I meant. spot on

Hmm, I would be a little concerned, if they are holding on to you rather than the handles, when you brake, that’s a LOT of weight being put on you/your wrists/your core.