Taking care of leather ???

Hi mates.I would like to know how to take care about leather jackets and trousers. Are you just cleaning them or after wash your putting something to keep it in good condition.

Try the Gliptone products from these guys:


I’ve been using Nikwax product for years. They keep leather water-resistant and supple. There’s a huge range, just to make selection tough:


I had the same thought this weekend and decided to look under the kitchen sink. I found some leather sofa spray. “Can be used on all leather products-cleans, nourishes, waterproofs etc”.

It seems to have done the trick, although I do smell a fresh pine scent when I ride my bike, havent owrked out why yet…

Thanks for respond and advices mates and how often your putting those on the leather ? Or it depends how often your ridding ?

I use Nikwak leather cleaner and leather restorer. Once a year seems to be enough so I just use it when I’m putting stuff away, i.e. I just did my winter gloves and will do my summer gloves and track leathers at the end of the season.

I just bought Nikwax restorer so thanx for advices.

Every other day I wipe my leathers over with a baby wipe, must be the big ones that contain the lotion. It removes the grime and also cares for the leather as it’s very moisturising. I sound like a flaming midwife

^^^^ what Justine said, and you smell nice too…

I feed mine on a healthy non vegetarian diet of bug guts

And occasionally they get the wet wipe treatment

Haha! Me too. Finally wiped my leathers with the kitchen cloth the other day. Felt quite emotional as some of the bugs had been riding with me for nearly a year!!

Actually I had to use the dish brush to get the ones crushed in the seams!!

You put your leathers away? Part-timer, you!!! Get out there in the winter!!!

Wear your bug splats with pride

had one bug hit me at silverstone at high speed on my shoulder that was so big it looked like someone had been sick on my shoulder! wasn’t wearing that with pride…