Takin bets!

A ZX10

or this?

Answers (if accurate) are possibly here:

Dodge: http://www.dragtimes.com/1968-Dodge-Charger-Pictures-10935.html

Quickasaki: http://www.dragtimes.com/Kawasaki-Ninja-Timeslip-8725.html


IF you can keep the front down…stop the rear spinning up too much…

fack it…gimme a ZX12-R and i’ll murder that piece’o junk of a cage:D

i’m placing bets on the ZX10 the charger won’t be able to get the power down plus you’d be riding the 10 right?:smiley:

Depends if i’m piloting one of them. :smiley:

The car. :slight_smile:

The bike

Oi Kev…it’s a bike and a car…you don’t work for Delta anymore and i know you miss it but not everything is a plane!:stuck_out_tongue:


youre FAR too kind to me Henry :wink: have an e-marsbar xxx

nice one i’ll save it for later as i’ve just had lunch:)

car is toast


depends what type of race, but at drag racing over a 1/4 mile my mate put his 10 up there and did a 10.38 sec, i cant see the car beating that as i dont think it would get the power down.

zx10 :smiley:

have you not seen the fast and the furious.

i have to go against the majority here and say the car

depends on wats been done to the car and the type of race.

The bike :wink: Cars are $hite :wink:

hows ya cossie:P

Going to the great scrap yard in the sky very soon :w00t::smiley:

The BIke.

All depends on which one can get the power down, if you put a pro racer in the car and on the bike then I’d say the bike…just!

According to the links under the pics that Charger has run a 9.6 at 139mph in the quarter, the bike is capable of a 9.06 so just under half a second quicker but it really depends on whose riding it and whether the numbers for the ZX10 in the link are for a stock road bike, like Gabs bike, or not?!?

It’s all going to come down to who reacts best to the lights on the line, if it hooks up properly my moneys on the car.

Edit: just noticed the bike that ran a 9.06 has a 35 shot nitrous kit installed, so my moneys firmly on the Charger! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gabs, you should apply to go on the next series of Pinks! :wink:

I’d love to vote with my heart and say bike, but think the car would take it