Takes me back to the Summer

As the cold nights are drawing in, i remember being out on a jolly with my mate Jewell…i had a go on his bike and he left the Go-Pro on…:smiley:

what a cracking day we had…just riding…warm air…sticky tyres…and this track in my ears…such an awesome day…such an awesome summer…

just thought ide share…:smiley:



Is that tit back on the road yet?

What’s this Smiled’s version of ‘pic of the pops’???

Yeah - it looks as miserable as shite out there today - like someones painted the entire world with grey emulsion.

Miss the colours you get with sunlight.

Sometimes when the suns out and the world is full of colour you really understand what a miracle it is to be alive and able to appreciate these things.

i love the summer too. but i dont think this years one was a good one at all. i.e the WETTEST august since 1908 springs to mind. nice vid tho.