taken out

going to work great day, woman thought she would turn right, did she look , :crazy:

she stoped the car got out, to me saying: can you please get the fooookin car off my arm. rear wheel on my arm.

im ok tender, good it was,nt the bird.

damn you sure your ok ? go to hospital for check up

Wow, lucky dude.

Sucks dude, hope you feel better soon.

And she said???

I felt sorry for her, she said

I didnt even give it a seconed thought , I just thought it would be better to go up here, and whent for it,

she lost her son last year bike crash, she was betting her self up, coz of it,

the kawi is twisted up front end, but I walked away, thank god

not good mate go get check out incase the rush of the whole incident blocked any pain you might be or block out the feeling of any injuries you might have.

Glad to hear you are ok

Thanx all, pics on FB

Sorry to hear about this Steve.

Sorry Steve, at least you’re alright and telling us about it! Was this on the bike you were selling i.e. not the Blackbird?

Sorry to hear that mate. Glad you relatively ok.

As others have said, get yourself checked out.

Sorry to hear this mate, Hope you heal soon.

Bad result … could have been worse …Glad your okay .

Sheesh! Read back your original post! All over the shop! Hope you’re OK.

Sorry to hear this
Hope you are okay now and it doesnt get too sore in the days to come.
What a stupid woman? I am sorry she lost her son but I would have expected someone in that situation to be more observant on the road…

That sucks, hope you’re ok :ermm:
Not that I’m defending her but that must have been pretty hard on her as well, given her story :unsure:

Ouch but a walk away is a blessing how’s the aches today?

glad your ok mate…

glasd it werent the 'bird dude!

stop by the shop some time, fill me in about it over a coffee :wink:

Ouch!! Gald you’re still in one piece.