Taken Out

i just need to get back on one as soon as I can

Errr get a hire bike and make his insurance pay for it!!!

Sorry to hear bout your accident!

F*#kin cagers!!!

sorry to hear that, only a noob myself, and almost got splatted twice last week. Get back in the saddle though, in the last 6 weeks I’ve learnt that there’s nothing that makes you feel more alive in the world that 2 wheels and an engine, I’m sure you’re the same.

I know that one day I will get splatted, I just hope I have the experience to mitigate the damage and the strength to get back on asap.

Wishing you a swift recovery,


so does that mean we wont be riding through tunnels next week and making lots of noise i was looking forward to that, and also lets hope the bike you get from the compo dont break down on you on long runs, and i agree with flats when i passed my test it was about 6 months before i took a pillion out and then i still had to learn how it handles with a pillion on the back.

on a lighter note hope it all goes well with the insurance and hope you mend soon and your pillion

Good to hear that you are not written off, and that goes for your pillion too…

How long have you been riding before you passed your test?

The first pillion I took was an experienced rider and we chatted before, so as I had an introduction of understanding in what to expect…

Regarding the insurance…keep all taxi reciepts and transport reciepts, these soon mount up… anything with a mark on it that was involved…claim for it…

With the laptop, did you have any info on there that you didn’t back up??, maybe the hard disk will still be serviceable???

Heal fast

You took a pillion

Sorry others, but i HAVE to agree with flatouts/stevewrights comments here? 3 weeks is simply not enough time after passing your test to have a pillion…sorry but you are responsible for that persons safety at all times, and when you have them on your bike, your fault or not? you feel guilty forever if there is a accident that involves them being hurt…

There are many of us, that have been riding for years, and it never ceases to amaze me how accidents happen with cars,pedestrians,whatever…I HATE it when i see someone with a pillion, who is not in right clothing, tearing down the road like someones chasing them…it takes one stupid moment, or one stupid occurence and that nice little rideout, is your last…but not only that? its your pillions last.

3 weeks of passing your test is not enough experience on 2 wheels to have that on your shoulders? For those that did take pillions, well you have got lucky we are not all the same, we dont all think the same or as fast as each other…were one takes that chance another wont…one might have the accident that another got away with.

You have to have more experience and know how to take that responsibility, to read situations that could cause an accident, to have a better road sense…Ive had my own bikes now for 9 years, been pillion since i was a kid with my dad, then with brothers and partner, but i wont take a pillion, cos im scatty enough on my own and it will kill me if i had an accident and hurt someone else so in my own opinion, i wont do it…i know plenty of women that do, but thats their choice and they are confident to do that, but they havent just passed their test?

Aside from that, i am SO sorry that you had to go through that so soon…its never a good thing at any time, but dont blame yourself put it all down to the a-holes in cages that never fail to pee me off…i was behind one today, one min he indicates left, then no, he wants to go right, then no he wants to go left…im behind him thinking oh come ON whats it gonna be??? what am i a mind reader?..in the end, he stopped indicating and went straight ahead and still in front of me, and i didnt even attempt to overtake him, cos if he couldnt make his mind up where he was going then, what makes me think he would suddenly see where he wanted and either pull up hard in front of me, or u turn or whatever, so i stayed behind him where i could keep an eye on him !!

Hey, where were you yesterday for the Hastings runout Chocfawn?..thought you were gonna be there?

Very nice last paragraph there Blade

Yeah i was eager i didnt see my bird for a week, but at the same time i had respect for my bike and my own catiouns and just cos i passed my DAS i was far from an expert from there it was a steep learning curve. i know everyones different and have different abilities but it seems alot are of the same thinking and its as blades says you are responsible for that persons safety and three weeks on a bike your still learning about protecting your own let alone some one elses… and i bet all she had on was a lid…

Glad your not seriously hurt mate, but apart from that, 2 words for you, which will be in yer pm box shortly

Hey guys,

I just took her out for dinner somewhere nice, spent some time with her and her family, she’s fine…

I hear what you’re all saying about riding with pillions, I took lessons with my instructor being my pillion on/arround industrial estates, and i’ve been carrying people since a few days after my test, and I always make them wear atleast a lid, armoured jacket and armoured gloves, as it happens - I picked up a pair of boots for becca just last week, and we both were just in jeans (stupid, I know)

In hind sight, I dont think i’ll ever take the bike out without proper kit head to toe…and you’re definatley right about the pillion… It’s just good and lucky that we were both ok…we shouldn’t have been, really - and I’m almost glad what’s happened, has happened - atleast it was low-speed, and we walked away from it.

Anil, i totally know what you mean, when i saw how she was laid in the road she looked so beat up, and nobody was doing a thing to help, she was screaming for help and that she couldnt move her legs (just shock, and cold - thankfully) but it’s by far the most heart and soul destroying feeling I’ve ever gone through…

I understand that a lot of people on here question the way i ride, listening to mp3’s on the motorways, and taking passengers a lot of the time - but please respect that it’s the way I feel comfortable - and the time for acting the fool on the bike is not when you are in range of others, and especially not when carrying a pillion… I’ve been riding a 125 for 13months+ before I passed my test…which has to help my experience - and without sounding like an overconfident a-hole, you have to have a certain level of self-confidence, else the bike feels nervous underneath you, and I do respect that having been riding a proper bike for less than a month, I’ve a lifetimes worth of experience to gain…

To those who’ve been kind enogh to PM and reply on here, about Rider Support Services, I’ll make a point of calling them first thing in the morning - and let you know what their advice was… thanks again all - I respect your input positively or negatively… such a run of different emotions from fear, guilt and relief that we weren’t hurt… it’s a real testiment to our equipment that we weren’t concussed or really injured at all, to say the car hit my foot from the side and with enough force to crack the engine casings and crush my pegs and gear shifter… i’m surprised I made it out with a single broken bone in my foot!.. Becca’s going to take some R&R… she’s OK, but wants to take a few days off work…

From anyone that’s injured a pillion… would you suggest I give her some space and keep intouch, or spend as much time as feels right with her… she doesn’t blame me in the least - but naturally - i want to ensure she’s ok - she’s having nightmares about cars and stuff at the moment, which I guess is normal - I’ll gladly hear out anything that can help me help her deal with it emotionally

kep in touch with her the same as if you hadnt crashed…she needs your support and friendhip now more than ever…even if you cannot get to see her on any day then call her just to say hello…been in lots of crashes and the wife was brill and all my friends never left me alone to mope about the crash…best wishes mate…

Hambley so SORRY to here about your off dude not a nice feeling, but not as bad a I thought it would be.

As for the pillion I took one the 2nd day of getting my baby not the smartest thing but I thought I could handle it after my off even though I was by myself I decided never to take a pillion well at least not for a long time, I can deal with throwing my bike and myself down the road but if it happened to a friend I don’t know how I would feel so off came the rear pegs.

Anyway lifes goes on your both ok and alive, it could of been worse but it wasn’t so put a smile on your face, Lifes still really, really, really good

Sorry to hear that you have an accident. It’s those bloody car drivers who never see us, it’s their typical explanation.
I glad than you and your pilion are fine. I hope you come back on bike soon.

Like Da Artist said, life is very good, indeed

Hi Hambley,

Sorry to hear about your off, it happens to the best of us (not saying that i am the best - ) Sounds like you came off relatively lightly, however, let it teach you for the future, it certainly did me.

There, I believe is, no point in preaching about you should have done this, should have done that, hindsight is a wonderful thing, so long as you learn and put into practice so as to possibly avoid similar situations.

I think it was joe who earlier said about an advanced course. I am currently doing this, but as part of a club where its members give their time freely to teach other members of the group. This not only has the benefit of being a relatively cost effective way of doing things (rather than through a bike school) but you get to meet new people and friends with the same interests.

Re your pillion, suggest you act as normal as possible, dont avoid her, but at the same time, dont smother her. Remember, you were responsible for her once she was on your bike, but you didnt tie her to it and give her no choice.

Am glad to hear that you were both wearing protective clothing (apart from legs). It is unfortunately an all too common sight, rider fully protected, pillion in flip flops etc… just madness. Remember you will lose 4mm of skin for every foot you slide… denim offer little or no protection (unless draggin jeans) against road rash. I am always fully kitted head to toe, no matter what the weather is.

Hope you’re on the mend and recovery is swift.


Sorry to hear about your off!! Hope you and your pillion are both ok!! Never a good thing not to wear full protective kit I am sorry!

And on the carrying pillion = I think every rider needs to be aware of the dangers involved. A more inexperienced rider may not be. I dont know whether you are or not cos I don’t know you, but I personally would never carry one purely cos I do not want to take the responsibility for someone else’s life! And even with an experienced rider, you may still get some muppet who will do something stupid!

Anyway get better soon - hope you and your pillion sort everything out!

Good Luck!!

Ouch mate really sorry to hear that Hope you heal soon!

Hambley sorry to hear about your off, but glad you both more or less managed to walk away. Can’t recommend enough signing up for some advanced tuition, either IAM or via an advanced training school - minimises the need to learn the rest the hard way!!

hope you get back on 2 wheels again soon

Gutted to hear about your accident and I hope the insurers pay up pronto, this “seems” like a pretty clear cut case particullaly as the police are prosecuting.

IRO the pillion thing, dont let it get you down. Regardless of your lack of experience on the bike the pillion knew this and chose to ride with you as they see you as a competent (not experienced, competent) person who they trusted. You did not cause this accident, the car driver did. Do obviously heed what the people on this forum say because a lot of them have a good few miles under their belts. If you rode like a Dick I doubt your pillion would have got on the back of the bike with you (well I hope they wouldnt have).

Concentrate on the fact that you are both OK, that your bike is going to be replaced along with your gear and that you are looking forward to getting back into that saddle.

Hey all,

Thanks for the constructive comments…good or bad - I was booked in for an IAM course next weekend - just a 2 hour introductary and another hour of U-Turn tuition oddly…

I definatley hear you all on the “responsible for pillions life” thing… and she was at first aprehensive about being on the bike with me, but she’d been out with me virtually every day, rain or shine night or day - so she was comfortable with it… and we had a system for her letting me know if she wanted to stop, wasn’t ok - wanted me to slow down or etc etc etc… and that seemed to work… i guess it’s something you all agree with your pillions.

In the future, I won’t be taking a pillion for pleasure, only when I’m left with little choice - and jsut for the record, she’s a tiny dot of a girl, and weighs about 6stone… lol - so you barely notice she’s back there… apart from banging into the back of yer head all the time.

I just want to apologise for the way my first post came over, it was like 6 hours after the crash and my head was all over the place, my emphasis was completely wrong enquiring about insurance, helmet and etc - all stuff which doesn’t mean ****… thanks for shifting the focus of the thread to the stuff that really mattered like Becca’s physical and mental health, and my own… and I thank you all for the advice & help, be that from offers to borrow bikes, Keti offered to pillion me back down to London this afternoon… Jay and MediumJohn offering advice about RSS and Barro and Abby generally offering a shoulder (or stiff handshake, ehh Barro)

To everyone though, newbie or old-hat… I hope my accident, my reaction to it, or something posted here stops you and your passengers getting hurt; next time I can get to a meet, I look forward to having my ears chewed off about how to filter more safely… but i guess that’ll come on the IAM course