Taken Out

Hey Guys,

Just looking for some advice!

I got taken out by a car yesterday, he pulled out on me (and my passenger) in broad daylight, after having stopped, looked, and looked again (classic THINK Advert style)… I escaped with a broken foot and dislocated shoulder, and my pillion (cheeky cow) landed on me… so she’s almost unhurt.

The police are throwing the book at the car driver, and my bike is easily a write off, it was strewn accross the road in a few pieces…he’s being done for dangerous driving, and driving without due care and attention.

Given that, what can I expect from the insurers, if he was driving badly enough to be prosecuted, and the witnesses (x4… 2 were bikers, incidently) have all said it was the car drivers fault; he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, right? So liability and such like shoudln’t take long to sort out…

Under my own insurance, my equipment (brand new, 2 day old Shark RSX, and Dianese jacket, etc) was covered, but I can claim against him for that, right? and my laptop, and etc that was in my tank bag that was killed.

I guess that’s all there is to say just now, they only just let me home from the hospital… interested to hear your thoughts on the matter - and please, I’d rather skip the ‘stupid newbie crashes his bike’ digs… as the cops, witnesses and even the car driver said there was nothing I could have done about it

Crap, sorry to hear this mate, if there is anything I can do then let me know.

Hey Trojan,

Thanks mate… the only thing I need to do is get back on a bike before it starts nagging at my confidence…few of my mates up here have fallen out with me in a big way, they don’t believe it wasn’t my fault and that there was nothing I could do to stop Rebecca getting hurt, but… at least she isn’t holding it against me.

For all the sensations in the world, being taken off the bike was the wierdest feeling ever, and for about 10 mins before the emergency services arrived, I was up and about, organising ****, stopping traffic, calling ambulances and stuff - then the shock kicked in…it’s amazing what adrenaline and endorphins can do to you in the short term!

Sorry to hear this mate, hope it hasn’t put you off biking? Get him for all he’s worth the tw@t

Mend fast dude and take it easy.

Hey Paul,

cheers mate - first thing my parents said when i got out of hospital was “the compensation will buy you a nice car” then i replied… “no mum… it’ll buy me a gixxer”… yeah, they didn’t like that… as i said to Trojan, i just need to get back on one as soon as I can get my foot back in my boots…

I’ve an open invitation with the bike shop at shepards bush to take out an R6 or the CBR… next time I’m in london (if i dont have my own ride by then) I’ll take them up on that I think.

Since the accident, people have said you should always plan an escape route if you think you might be approaching a dangerous situation… see if it’s safe to ‘escape’ to the oncoming lane, or maybe onto the pavement (if there’s a ramped bit) just anywhere that isn’t the side of a 407!

U should be gald ure pillion came out ok, id rather be very badly hurt then a scratch come to my passenger regardless of fault.

Glad ure ok thought never the less…i hate to say it but the process will be long even though it is obviosuly not ure fault…it took a total of 3 months before all the casg came in on my claim. Good luck with that. ure ins co. may well get a solcictor on the case which is a good thing!

U should get money for:
Bike repair/bike value
Passenger stuff etc

Hope that helps…glad ure ok!


Glad you and pillion are ok.

Everything that was damaged as a result of the other road users actions you can claim against his insurance for.


unless, you are third party (i hope not!!)

Fully comp is where you sit back and let your insurance company do all the hounding and chasing…it’s why you pay through the nose for insurance, well now you need them.

your entitled to everything you had damaged,lost.

Trojan is nearer your area than me but between us we can help you through the legal aspect of it…



Glad you and your pillion ok. It happens to the best of us whether newbie or otherwise.

You weren’t flying out of a tunnel at the time were you?!

its never good to crash at any stage, but with all due respect if you have had your licence 3 weeks why are you carrying pillions your still learning and getting the feel for two wheels praps thats why your mates have the arse over it, i was wobbles for weeks after passing and didnt take a pillion for a few months sorry for the no compasion but taking a pillion three weeks after passing it seems wrong regardless if its your fault or not…

I think that’s a bit harsh Flatout! I was taking pillions as soon as I passed my test. Don’t you remember how eager you were to get out and explore and enjoy riding after you passed your test?

Bad luck Hambley, that sounds pretty rough. Your insurance will take care of it all, don’t worry, though I would also speak to Rider Support Services about it, as they will get you a much better compensation deal and get things done quicker.


Yep, aggree here too. When I passed I took pillions pretty much straight away. My belief is that there is never a good time to take a pillion because you are never 100% safe. All you need to remember is that once that person gets on the back of your bike, you are solely responsible for them. As long as you feel confident in your abilities and comfortable with your bike then I don’t see a problem.

sorry to hear this hambley, u really got watch out riding down here.

I think Flatouts absolutely right, 3 wks after passing ur test, is a very bad idea to be carrying pillions, even if you think your good enough, confidence etc, you aint good enough with such little experience.

It aint fair on your pillion either

good luck on the mend

how can you feel confident with your abilities?

if youve only been riding a short time, you dont know your abilities yet!

Jesus…thats sad mate…only just met you as a newb and ya down and injured…fook sake…anything you need doing …any running about and alike and i,ll help by all means…relax, take it easy and seeya soon !!!

didnt know someone could pul out on yer if you in a tunnel…bad luck hambley…when comp money comes through , go for some advanced riding course…helps to avoid some crashes and makes you a better rider all round to deal with things like this and taking pillions…everyone can do with a little training…makes good and bad riders into better riders …but not indestructable…

Bad luck mate take it easy.

PM sent

Really sorry to hear about that Hambley; hope you and yer pillion are on the mend soon. Yeh go for the new bike…you just sit in traffic with the car!

Sorry to hear of your coming off , jay is right about getting in touch with the RSS they are great, I have used them before , lucky for me it was not in connection with an accident, but they did help me.

Hope to meet you at the Ace monday, if your up to it.

I agree with Flatout

It seems harsh but why on earth would you want to take a pillion when you are still getting used to the bike and riding. No matter how confident you feel you need to give it some time and 3 weeks is waaay to quick in my opinion

Anyway chase any claims ferociously as insurance companies are tight with a capital T.

Heal quickly. You could prob show off war wounds with the hundreds of people on this site who have gotten into bumps and scrapes