Take yer helmet off

So you are paying for your petrol, having left/moved yer bike.   To remove or not remove your helmet…?

Remove it unless using pay at pump, treat the employee as a person.

I usually check the signs on the forecourt and follow them. Unless it’s one of my usual fill up stops and then I don’t bother as they all know me.

I had this at shell the other day, I asked if I was wearing a bukka if that would make a difference. Anyway to cut a long story short I emailed shell and they said they ask people to remove helmets to validate age but seeing as I was riding a motorcycle with a number plate this meant I was old enough to pay for petrol. they have since told all staff to stop asking people to remove helmets and just to open our visors

I always remove helmet now , after a women cashier thanked me for removing crash helmet as she explained , she has been threatened by scooter riders that often drive off without paying or enter shop to rob it, removing helmet just shows your not a threat…

I don’t but then again they know me at my local.
Also near where I work, which happens to be shell, he never asks.
Anywhere I have been never been asked, maybe because I’m a girl. Who knows.

One of the reasons I now use a flip-front lid.

I usually don’t, particularly in winter when I have to remove balaclava, headphones with it…

It’s a strange one really as if you’ve hopped off a fair weather only sports bike in full Power Ranger gear, holding your wallet the staff generally don’t care. I’ve done that in Kensington, Watford and Chipping Norton with no issues. If they recognise you they care even less. Having said that it wouldn’t bother me if I was asked to remove my helmet. I’d just do it. As for the burka argument. If you feel strongly enough about that take your lid off and put a burka on before you go in to pay. To be honest we get a fairly good deal at petrol stations…keep your lid on and walk into a bank then see what happens.

Generally I don’t remove my helmet. If they activate the pump all’s good and I go in and pay. If they don’t then I generally remove my helmet or just move on to another station.

I don’t need to, I use pay at pump or my local dealer of octane knows me. 

The only place I’ve ever been asked to remove my helmet and its an open face model too, was at the Shell Garage (A1017) Swan Street, Sible Hedingham. Couldn’t really understand it as I had already re-fuelled and was at the counter holding out a £20.00 note for payment, the cashier refused to take the bank note until I removed my helmet /shakes head.

I now use the Esso Garage just across the road.

There’s a place in Ealing wanted me to come in and pay for fuel first before filling up.
I don’t get wound up about it but it is completely fucking arbitrary and pointless. I wear a proper terrorist balaclava in the winter and never been asked to take that off even when the lid has to. Daft.

I had a station attendant ask me to pay before filling up, even though I removed my helmet as soon as I arrived. He also insisted I pay with cash (a car driver after me payed by card). There are rules… and then there is whatever pops into cashier’s mind in the moment.

Several Shell stations on my commute and near to my house all support mobile pay, so I just pay through the Android app with my helmet on, and without getting off the bike.

Take off if it’s warm, keep on if it’s cold and I have balaclava and gloves as it’s too much hassle.

Keep it on unless it’s a station that won’t turn the pump on until you take it off. They ask that around Tooting because of so many scrotes nicking petrol. 

99% of the time I use the same petrol station so they know me & I don’t have to remove my crash helmet

Pay at Pump for me every time. I have 2 choices on the way to and from work.  Cannot be bothered with using other pumps…  

Good plan, none of the pumps I pass do it

I don’t. My local shell know me