Take the 3 points or speeding course?

I was banged to rights, 47 in a 40 zone. It’s my first offence in a long time. I think I got 3 points in about 2005 so obv. wiped now. Anyone know what’s the best thing to do now? I guess just do the course and learn from it but thought I’d ask if anyone has any pearls of wisdom on things like this…?

I would suggest a speed awareness course, if you’re offered it, would be a far better choice over 3 points. I believe some insurers don’t even ask if you’ve been on a speed awareness course, whereas points remain on your licence for four years, and insurers ask for the previous five.


Jesus, grasp the opportunity to do the course with both hands. Lots of insurance companies do ask about it but it’s still better than 3 points. Also if you take the points and next week you get flashed by a Gatso you’ve missed now you’ve got six points.

Points aside the course is actually pretty good. I met some nice fellow criminals at mine.

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One LBr met his wife on the course, so it ain’t all bad

Take the course.

Take the points…


Good grief, man - take the course!

FThat’s harsh mate. Reckon hs missus owes you a Chinese burn for that…

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The fsct that DrMagic hasn’t replied does suggest that his “working from home” interweb use age is as suspected, more directed towards ‘adult videos’ than ordinary skiving.

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Yeah obviously take the course although if it’s just an SP30 offence (think that’s the right code) it won’t affect your insurance premium. Well, it didn’t a few years back anyway

It affected my insurance premium

Affects the insurance premium anyway.
I’d rather take the points than sit in a room for two hours listening to some idiot teaching speed=death.
Fuck that.

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Affects the insurance premium anyway.
I’d rather take the points than sit in a room for two hours listening to some idiot teaching speed=death.
Fuck that.

Suppose it may have changed since I got my ticket. But it definitely didn’t affect mine about 6 years ago

I’d be tempted to take the points but would probably opt for the course, despite my dislike for being in a classroom being talked down to (or at?).

Can’t recall an insurance company in the last 5 years that didn’t ask me about speed awareness. From there on, what their algorithms spit out is up to each one. The question is the cost of the course and the annoyance of having to take a day off etc… That cost may be more than what you’ll pay in premiums if you take the pts for the next 5 years.

Logic dictates that if you were offered option, you weren’t breaking the law as much, so your premium should be less but that’s down to each individual insurer to determine

I wasn’t given option as my speed was way above the threshold. It didn’t have a huge impact on my premium. However, I should have seen decreasing prices year on year as I was still with 1yr NCB when I got caught and was expecting to see the price come down. It never did… then got a few no fault claims on there and suddenly I was lucky to keep the same price…

So, I don’t think it matters at the moment… but do something naughty in the future and 6pts may start to hurt more? So take speed awareness? I don’t know… I’ve confused myself! :smiley:

Take the points!! As Blu’ says I met my wife on one…cost me a fortune that has!!

I am the same as Serrisan…for the last few years I have been asked if I have been on a course in the last 3 years…so they probably apply the same penalty as if you had the points


yah my shed walls are covered!

I’d take the points. Speed awareness courses don’t add up and get you banned. At higher speeds, you won’t be given the option of a course, just points or court.

I did mine on a Saturday so didn’t have to take any time off work. It was more expensive than the fine but was actually very well put together and I learned something. Some of them even have interactive quizzes. Everyone I know who has done one was positive about it.

hey. Just been on a speed awareness course. Doesnt affect my insurance as points would do. And i learnt something. Its geared towards advanced courses… quite broad topics and educational.