Taiwan WRS GSX-R1000K7 FGR80+Brembo




Lovely pics :cool:

Could not have put it better myself… :smiley:

It’s another blue and white gixer but this time with a buell exhaust :Whistling:

Sorry, looks very nice :smiley:

RF boy’s just jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t even got it yet :w00t:

WRS~??, are you really in taiwan or from taiwan? I am going to be in Taipei next week, do you know any good motorcycle shop over there? i want to buy a Japanese helmet over there.:slight_smile:

YES!! Hsin Chu city ,Taiwan

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Dear God - that is a beautiful bike, even got some soapy shots…

Great looking bike, truly loaded!! I gather you have had the rear set up low, you have a lot more clearnece from the carbon exhaust trim to the swing arm.:slight_smile: very nice!!

I used to live in Taipei when i was a kid for a few years and one of the lasting memories was a) the sheer number of bikes out there but b) the number that were tuned and pimped so well…

thats a stunning gixxer…

i only stay 2 days in Taipei, probably only long enough for visits to 2 museums, another visit to a local motorcyle shop, a few nice meals

Hsin Chu is probably too far, but your shop looks superb. Can see so many helmets on display:)

I have come over all moist

dooooooonnngggg!!! hubba hubbaaaa!!!

pure bike porn indeed!!!:w00t:

Do you need a seat dear ? :slight_smile: Glass of water ? :stuck_out_tongue:

more like new set of undies!!!


apart from the gold rear sets… :sick: