Tailgunner Rotary Cannon Exhaust

Our patent-pending turbine technology features revolutionary rotating barrels. That’s right: the barrels actually spin… Gatling-gun style! Developed and tested to enhance performance and sound, the five-inch diameter resonators are hand-crafted in America and are flawlessly finished The Tailgunner® is designed as a universal, slip fit system and will mate with stock or after-market head pipes.

My guns bigger than yours It would have to come from the USA OF COURSE

Only for the eccentric

I put a news piece up about those a few month ago… It had a link to the sound… They’re mentle…

can you post a linky to the sounds please and maybe their site if pos

Click away… http://www.tailgunnerexhaust.com

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Man…that clip is the Nutz Da Artist…give me the whole package…

The Bike…The Exhausts, The place and The Hendrix Backing Music…

Quality …just Quality !!!