Tail Packs?

Hi anyone used anything like this


on their sports bike? Does it fit to one side or on top or your pillion seat?

Brigsy. (Anyone got any pics of one fited?)

I use the Oxford Sports tailpack and it`s very good.

I have the oxford sports humpback tailpack and it works well and fits in with the lines of the bike.

Bagster are individually designed for the bike they go on I think so I would imagine that it would look good and work well.

Try clicking on the gallery on that website for pictures of how it will look!

A ha!


from the bagster gear that i’ve had - they’re also quite well made…

only problem may be is with rain protection - but I think thats something that you could say about all soft/sports bike luggage

I have an old pair of oxford throwovers - that came with plastic covers for rain use - which was fine until one of the covers got caught in a wind blast… and off it came - never to be seen again…

moral of that tail: always bungee over rain covers…

currently using a kriega 20litre tail pack - which is really good - although a bit tight on space…

I’d be lost with out my red Oxford tailpack. It holds anything and everything.

I agree with Jim, don’t forget the waterproof shower cap, the fabric’s waterproof but only to a certain extent.

Very Fem !!