tail luggage or alike

hi all … I need to carry my weeks worth of uniform (shirts ‘n’ trousers) in on the bike and I also need to carry my hefty chain and lock as well … I have been carrying my chain in my rucksack but I have a knackered shoulder and the weight of the chain pulling my shoulder back makes it ache so im strapping my rucksack to the seat but my uniform looks like its been ironed with a hammer … without a backbox and rack what sort of bag or other stuff do you guys use …thanks AL…

Kriega do it best, IMHO.
You will struggle with creases with any soft luggage.

If you google ‘shirt carrier’ there’s various contraptions & bags out there that claim to allow you to transport shirts in a crease free manner. Never used one myself, I’m just scruffy by nature, an un-rumpled shirt would just look out of place on me!

Definitely use a tail pack, securely strapped down, for the chain. I use the Kriega US5 or US10 for my chains. I only use Almax (www.almax-security-chains.co.uk ) because they are without doubt, the best!

Properly folding the shirt alleviates the problem to some degree.

I’m just about to experiment with the old Bonne’ tank bag to see if it will double as a half decent tail pack, will folk frown at a Triumph logo tail pack on on the CBF250???

For everything else I have a pair of Givi E21 hard panniers, downside is the manufacturers recommendation of a measly maximum load of 5Kg, I just ignore that and wrap 'em with a couple of bungees. At least I feel a little safer if I have to leave the bike with the luggage on.

Kriega are great and their design is modular so you can strap several together in lots of different combinations. They also come with a shoulder strap so you can walk into town sporting the hipster look when you arrive at your destination.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing a back pack on a motorcycle. If you don’t believe me, fill it up with stuff, put it on and fall backwards onto the floor. It’s going to hurt a lot.

+1 on what Joby said about wearing a chain in a backpack. It’s the same reason disc lock manuals recommend you not carrying the disc lock on your body during riding.

If there’s an accident, and you land on that, that bit is going to go into you or smash your ribs or something or other…

Kriega get my vote… Used them during my commuting years and never let me down

Put the uniform in the rucksack and strap the chain to the seat. Uniform = soft to land on if you do bin’it. It’s also light! :-p

NEXT! :smiley:

cheerz guys …ive been strapping my rucksack to the seat while im looking for a better solution, thanks for the advice about carrying it on my back … ive seen some hard shell backpacks I was thinking about one of them and just strapping that to the back seat for my clothes, I only need to use it once a week to take a weeks worth of shirts and trousers in … cheerz slacker I do roll my clothes but its when I strap it down they get crumpled… so maybe if I get a tail pack or soft sides/throw-overs that has its own fixings from the underside that would do the job…
been looking at some of the luggage options … I saw an oxford set that zip off of their mounting, are there any others that you guys use that do this so I could leave the mounting system permanently on the bike and just zip the bag on when I need it … thanks for all of your replies …AL…

love the trailer, course after emptying it I wouldn’t give a f##k about the shirts :slight_smile:

The alternative is to find a laundrette near work and let them wash and iron your work clobber.

you know what nivag … that’s a pukka idea …DOH!!!

Oh, how could I forget. Compression bags. I use them for my clothes when travelling abroad. I bought the ones that don’t need a vacuum cleaner to withdraw the air, I simply get rid of the air by pressing down on the packed bag with a pillow before securing it closed. They are not that expensive on Ebay, and are available in various sizes.

If you cant find a laundrette near work many supermarkets have a laundry Morrisons for example 5 shirts washed, ironed and starched on hangers and wrapped in plastic £6 for five…

Even cobham services have a laundrette !

actually one other thing I found very useful are the givi tank lock tankbags… I used them on my GSR until I crashed it and found them a bit more user friendly than the kriegas for every day use as getting them off the bike is easier. The tanklock mechanism means you don’t use tankbags or straps. No doubt the Kriegas are a better piece of kit generally, but a tankbag that releases with a press of a button does have certain advantages, even if you need a separate rain cover for it!

Shame I can’t fit it on the KTM :frowning:

hi guys … I got an AGM roll bag today for the time being … i’ll put my cargo net under the seat with the hooks out the side to attach to the bag … I looked at the tank lock system in the shop today but the bags weren’t big enough … they had a rack and givi monolock box for my bike but I don’t really want a rack…
I wanna go have a look at the oxford bag