Tail bag?

Ok now im going over to the isle of wight in june on the bike with few mates, i have a tank bag but i am also looking for a tail bag, i hear buffalo are a good make, anyone tried tested etc. cheers:)


the tank bags they are selling in lidl/aldi at mo part of em zip off and ya can attach with bungys to tail, also in this guise it is ruck sack, has proper eylets for straps, tis how i use mine.

was gona buy THIS ONE as i was going to head over to france last year, never got round to it tho, its only £25, seemed decent enough to me! :smiley:

I just tie the bag of my choice down with ROKstraps. If you like, add some sort of rain cover on it. A pack, a leather bag, whatever. I refuse to get tied down with all that purpose-made luggage.