Alright! I’ve just inherited a garden with a nice big pond. Question is when can I expect to see some frogs or newts mooching about as all I can see are pond scaters (prob not the right name) cheers!

Edit … Just noticed pond is not new and established . Breeding season dates …

Common frog: mid January - mid April Common toad: early February - early May Smooth newt: early April - early August Palmate newt: early April - early August

This time of year you should see them out an about at night looking for tasty slugs to eat. During the day they may be sheltering under any logs or rocks. The frogspawn will appear at the end of February and tadpoles will appear in March. If there are any fish in the pond they will probably eat all the tadpoles.

No fish in the pond, I have seen a few tiny newts but thought I’d see more, even a frog, don’t know anything about the subject but I reckon I could get into it lol

Frogs and toads are weird things. We have got both frogs and toads 2 to 3 inches long down the end of the garden but there is no pond in any of the local gardens

Slipper you couldnt go down and nab us a few of each and post em over could ya? Lol

no probs, the toads are slow but the frogs are a bit quick, i cant catch them as easily, could be a little while …

Just trap the toad in a hole… Mmmmmm starving now!

There might be a fish in there . My friend in scotland had a pond at his parents place .Was his late fathers hobby . Had not been near it in 20 years, the fish had all died years ago , was a deep muddy ignored ,overgrown hole . He decided to clean it out . Found the catfish he remembers his father putting in there in the 80s :hehe:

We met a toad in our biker friendly property in the lake district on Thursday morning.

Took all my strength to stop Mrs J kissing it. :w00t:

So who’s gonna donate a few tadpoles/frogs? There’s deffo no fish in there mate, once I scooped the algie off the top I could see all the way to the bottom

I got plenty of tadpoles, they told me up the clinic. You can have some

I got told down the clinic that I had crabs …beat that!

I cant beat that, get well soon :smiley:


Saw a dead desiccated frog on the pavement last week. Been the only indication frogs and toads are still about as I’ve not seen any other signs. As a kid, such sights as frogs, toads, hedgehogs and tortoises were normal, and now even bee’s and butterflies are uncommon. Can’t remember seeing many newts as a kid. Foxes doing ok though.

Good luck on the brood though.

Frogs and toads only need water to breed. They spend most of their lives under logs and rocks eating invertebrates. As long as there is a pond within 100 yards or a slow moving stream or ditch they will be happy. There is a very fast moving stream at the bottom of our garden, that is too fast moving, but we have loads of frogs (due to the mountains of slugs that are their favourite delicacy). I guess a neighbour somewhere has a pond they use for breeding.

Frogs and toads are a source of wonder to me.

I stuck a tiny “water feature” into a tiny garden bit in school in Plumstead, about the most sterile bit of London you can find. They now have frogs and toads but, checking Google Earth, there’s not even a pond within a hundred yards.

Are you sure there’s any oxygen for any immigrating tadpoles to cope? :confused:

What you mean Romeo?