:w00t: WTF!!! i swear that was done on purpose. today actually as i was coming back home having my overtaking light on, i saw this small car swerve into anddrive halfwayon a white painted area…so i stuck behind it for a while until i saw oncoming lane have biker coming towards me so i could overtake that tosser as wide and as fast as i could. felt like showing a finger too, but then refrained as i’ll probably see them again…

but seriously, this is an attempted manslaughter for no reason.it makes my blood boil.

хорошо, что Вы должны, Анна - следующий раз, когда Вы видите его, остановился, выходят из вашего велосипеда и снимают ваш шлем и говорят кое-что сердитое на русском языке и делают жест оружия, который должен заставить его думать

:smiley: hehe, maybe i should also mention that i’m here on a special mission and i’m a member of KGB :wink: not sure about taking off my helmet though, might want to keep it on in case he decides to punch me…maybe instead i should borrow Jaime’s baseball bat and keep it in my bag and or ride with it attached to my back :wink:

my quick russian lesson worked ok then must be that 40% schapps i am finshing off tonight :cool:

why are u drinking schapps, isn’t a bit of a girls drink??..hang on why is your schapps 40% shouldn’t it be less than that?i’m on a 40% too :smiley: but mine is blended scotch whiskey :wink:

cos its called goldsclager the one with the gold flakes floating about in it i am at the bottom of the bottle now trying to avoid the gold flakes going in the glass why they put gold flakes init i dont know

and hang on a minute whisky is a mans drink meant to be, oh but you should be on the vodka:cool:

oh god does your goldsclager taste of cinnamon!!! if so i gotta try that!:laugh: yeah, maybe, whisky is a mans drink…whatever…i like rum & whisky and ale beer and lager…and bit of baileys and cocktails…never got into vodka, maybe because everyone expected me to drink vodka because i’m russian so i never did. whisky is a cool drink though, i once went to “single malt whisky tasting experience” it was brilliant! i only tried a bit of every well known and respected whisky producer and when i stepped out of the store i was drunk :smiley: it would be awesome one day to visit one of those brewery’s …mmmm…mmm…mmm!!!

yes thats right goldsclager is a cinnamon one, yr never ever get me drinking whisky or vodka

Terrible vid. Poor rider.

What’s an overtaking light?

I guess it’s the switch to flash your headlights which is referred to as a “passing light” but I’d be reluctant to flash someone I was about to drive past unless it was maybe a quiet country road at night… Flashing your light seems to be interpreted as a threat!

i thought the normal thing to do was indicate the direction you are passing them on :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, i see, should’ve made it clearer, when i’m passing hundreds of cars on a long stretch of painted lines i like to have my right indicator on…erm…i think i’m not supposed to but i do it anyway as i think i makes more sense. i think it makes me more visible.

i only think that because when i see and oncoming overtaking bike on the same stretch of painted area its easier to see them if they have their indicator going, especially at night i find it very usefull cause sometimes i cant tell until the last minute if its a car headlight or a bike…

i don’t like flashing as a means of cars to keep out of my way i like to flash to let cars go through…so i’m still not sure what to do when i’m filtering through sets of cars on both sides…when i used to have my 125cc bike i just kept my beam on pretty much all the time cause 125cc beams are shit anyway…and before anyone has a go at me about blinding car drivers get onto a standard 125cc and check out how shitty they make the headlight, i couldn’t see f…all during the night most times. but now that i have a big bike i’m not sure what to do cause i know it will blind people, and i don’t want to flash…hehe…i had a funny thought just now…i think i have my hazard lights…:smiley: oh yes if i do i might use those!

feel free to laugh and diss my idea, but i think it might just do the trick it flashes and doesn’t blind.and it defenitely makes cars stay clear…