T.T. 2005 First Practice Session 28th May - Quarry Bends

Heres some pics from the first practice of the Isle of Man T.T. 2005. I took them at Qaurry bends which is s section of right, left, right, left bends. The approach to Quarry Bends is from Ballaugh Bridge and then a front wheel in the air leap at Ballacrye onto a 160+mph straight… the bikes were passing me at about 130mph so it was a bit difficult to capture them in sharp focus…
Will post more after mondays practice.

WOW… Great pictures Floyd, I’m very impressed! Thanks for sharing! Those bikes look great, you sure are lucky to have this right on your doorstep. I’ll have to make an effort to come again next year, I really enjoyed it last time I was over to see you.

Those guys are complete nutters mind you, stark-raving mad, drooling at the mouth and all.

nice pics mate very lucky to have that on your door step