Sypke Mag 1 piece suit

Hey everyone,

I’ve seen a retailer put a spyke mag 1 piece race suit down from £585 to £280. I’m keen to buy a suit and just wondering if these deals come round often or if this is a really good deal. Basically I’m low on funds and so wondering whether to hold off on the purchase or just to grab it now.

Has anyone got a spyke suit or leathers? Are they good quality? What are the alternatives?

Also the question, should i get a 1 piece over a 2 piece?



Not had any Spyke gear myself but that looks like a pretty hefty discount.

A two-piece is much more practical as you can wear the trousers with a waterproof jacket or wear your leather jacket with jeans -kevlar of course:Whistling:- if you’re heading out to meet normal people and don’t want to look like a power ranger.

Think bout when you are going to use leathers and what kit you already have… i used to have 2 piece… and then i got a 1sie as well…

Will use 2 piece if going to a meet in summer etc as can just whip the jacket off… But i love riding in my 1piece much much more… As long as they fit you they feel so much more secure and i think are way more comfortable.

So i would say if you are getting it for riding around for fun… I’d get a 1piece.

As for spyke gear - one of my textiles is Spyke… good stuff.

My 2piece is IXS and my 1piece is RST… Very impressed with RST leathers.

I have a red and white 1 piece Frank Thomas suit for sale if you want to look at it… Brand spanking new - NEVER been worn… Bought it then got my RSTs the same day cos i liked them more… as were doing a good deal on end of line RST stuff.

What size are you? PM me if you are intersted in the FT one piece…