Switzerland traffic Law

Can anybody point me to where I can find out what the Swiss law is regarding speeding, loud cans, etc?Is it just a fine, or are they more likely to crush the bike and behead me in the town square? --Ash

It’s not “just a fine” though. I met a Dutch chap who said him and his mates had gone to Switzerland instead of coming to England for their holidays as England was so expensive. They got caught speeding. One bloke got a ~2000 euro fine, pay now or down the goal till the cheque clears. In total, they paid up 6k euros between them. They went straight home as it was all the cash for the holiday gone.


loud cans probably depend on the policeman involved, I last rode through Switzerland in company with a friend on a Buel with a race can, we had no trouble fortunatly (although the damn thing sounded like an avalanche going through tunnels !) generally the Swiss police are even more morose than ours, and it is a country that demands respect of the law, even from foreigners, if you have a legal can probably best to put it on, don’t speed and follow all signs to the letter, enjoy the scenery and relax, its a beautiful country and well worth a visit, just be a good guest, its easier :slight_smile:


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Really clean toilets. Food a little on the salty side, maybe a result of noisy cans.

Hot chocolate is the best in Europe and the signposts are very clear.

Pay your motorway tax up front or run scared.

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