Switching suppliers

lol what a nightmare!

Had enough of complaining to EDF that I’m paying to much on the electricity so decided to move! That’s where the fun started. Wanted to Move to Bulb but EDF had not updated the DB to show my meter after 3 weeks they finally do it, Bulb inform me all good.

Get home today neighbour starts telling me someone changed her electricity to bulb I check my accounts and looks like they have indeed changed the supplier.

So not only am I overpaying EDF I’m now paying for my neighbours electricity due to this cock up!

Waiting to see what Bulb say about it.

Anyone else had this much fun moving?

Didn’t Bulb ask you to send a picture of your meter to confirm the number on the box ?

Lol they are all inefficient. I am with Iresa and the regulator has just shut them down for being poor.

They didn’t work out the amount of my direct debit properly so I’ve lodged a complaint with FOS for compensation.

Suggest you complain Sleeper. You’ve certainly got grounds.

@nivag Yes mate that’s the worse thing about it all. I was the one chasing on a daily basis at this stage I’m not sure if this is an EDF cockup or a Bulb cockup

@eezie I’d actually started a complaint against EDF as a result of all of the issues they caused