Swiss Trip.

Just returned from another trip to the Swiss Alps.:cool: Headed down with ten friends and had an overnight stop at the amazing Bubbles Hotel.

Next day we rode down to Switzerland, via some great roads in the Vosges region, and our base in Lauterbrunnen. Paid 300 euros for eight nights at the biker friendly Valley Hostel which is on the main road in the village. Our group then split up the following day with 8 heading off to Italy.

I stayed in Switzerland to ride over the wonderful passes in the area…



The cobbled St Gottard:w00t:

The Susten, Klausen, Brunig and many more !

For the most part we had sunny days with temperatures around 35c, but also had two days of rain in the valley which, failing as snow, closed a couple of the high passes. Temp was now down to 15c ! So i went for a hike up to Wengen to get a view of our base from above.

Had a brilliant time and look forward to a return trip…:slight_smile:

Awesome pics Martin - spectacular - thanks for sharing !! Am so glad you had such a great time and such an amazing trip :slight_smile: Makes a change from Box Hill anyway :smiley:

fantastic pics Lauterbrunnen is one of my favourite places, summer or winter it is beautiful! this is my bike on the main road just behind your group shot, check out the cool roof of the cycle shop in the background :slight_smile:


Great photos!

…and the Hotel Oberland, across the road from your bike, does a very tasty rosti :wink: yum yum.Just in case anyone is interested here are the links for The Bubbles Hotel and The Valley Hostel…

the “Oberland Rosti” is well worth the trip on its own :wink: their meat fondue even more so, I’ve stayed there since the mid 80’s :w00t: was there in early August too but with the family, even in the car the Susten and Gothard passes are a hoot :smiley:

and another Hotel for the Vosges

looks amazing, will keep this thread bookmarked for europe next year.

wow - that looks like an amazing trip - great pics. Nice one