swing arm and rear wheel change

I am looking into changing the rear end to my cbr400 aero. I want to change the rear wheel for a fatter one. The bike has the nc23 frame and was wondering if the rear end/conponents from the cbr400r tri arm model swing arm and wheel would be a direct change for my aero model. I ve located a swing arm and complete rear wheel with sprocket and spindle. Also what would need to be done to the front sprocket to reinline the chain. Also does anyone know where/who could jack the back end and lower the front.



If i ve fogotten anything let me know

what size tyre you running now??? ive heard that a cbr600f rear shock will raise the rear of the bike by 1.5 inches, just havnt got round to trying it out yet??:slight_smile:

the front sprocket will possibly need spacers (just posh washers) dunno who could do the front end though:)

oh and the tri ar swingar is off of an nc23 (can you guess which letter has just broken on y keyboard!!!)
so should be a straight swap over:)

NC23 tri-arm swinging arm will fit your bike but won’t give you the wide tyre you are looking for. The widest you will be able to fit atm is 140You will need the NC29 rear disc, sprocket carrier, sprocket and spacers though as well as the rim itself. You can then fit a 160 section rear tyre. You will also need to attack the rear caliper with an angle grinder:w00t:As Adam says you will need to look at spacing the engine sprocket to align with the rear to clear the wider tyre.At the end of the day is all that expense and effort worth it? I’d just buy a set of sticky Dunlop GPR70’s if you can find some and enjoy it as it is:cool: