Swaps - arrow twins in excellent condition, with baffles, for arrow low boy

I have just traded in my wonderful old Triumph for a 2010 Street R at a brilliant price. My new baby has arrow twins, which I love, but I would prefer the arrow low boy - as it is lighter and not so warm under the old seat. I would like to swap my arrow twins for a low boy if anyone has one.

Try @ http://www.street-triple.co.uk/


we need more pictures of the machine hels!, I have a low boy on my new street, mindyou they come with the low boy style now anyways

Do you think it will fit? (all the way around, arrow twins on your green goblin)


This is my new baby!! She is AWESOME - brings a smile to my face :slight_smile:

I have now got hold of an arrow lowboy and I hope it is now in the post - but not sure if I want to keep the twins just in case or sell them. I prefer the lowboy but loads of people love my arrow twins. The only issue is they heat the seat up so I feel like my backside is on fire after a few hours riding. Last Thursday (that really hot day) I felt like I was going to have heatstroke :slight_smile:

However, I may indeed sell them after the lowboy is fitted, subject to reasonable offers. They are in almost new condition!

hels, keep them and put them back on for the winter time, will keep your ass warm then :D:D