Swapping steering stems

I’m looking at replacing the front end on my project Bros 400, and wondering what will fit.

I know most Honda ones are straight swap if it take the triples too (and some dont even need that)
But if i look at other makes I can check if the steering stem diameter is correct using this table from AllBalls.
Its a bit harder to check if the height of the stem is compatible, but still relativity easy. If its not most people talk about pressing out the old one and put the Bros’ one in its place. I have access to a press at work, is it and simple as press one out, press one in? How do I check the diameter of the section that’s pressed into the triple?

Many thanks.

I would have thought if you flip the yoke over, you can measure the stem insert diameter from the bottom.

how many sizes are there though, whats are the chances that the forks i buy will fit.

if the diameter is the same as the bearing size its easier, but i don’t know if there is any reason it will be

Surely only the outer diameter matters?
If the stem is thinner then you simply buy a bearing with a smaller internal diameter?

If the height of the stem is correct, then yeah. But if I’m changing the stem then It needs to have an interference fit with the yoke, and I’m not sure what else matters

In the end, nothing really matters.

But it sounds like you need to find yokes that are big enough then have a machinist turn a stem for you.