Swaffham supermoto trackday.


9th July or 13th August ?

Anyone ?

looks fun!

Never did proper SM TD and will be good to try one :slight_smile:

Last one was 11th June and only 4 riders turned up so lots of space for practice.


Another date Sunday 27th Sept.


If im back in the uk on leave then i will defo be up for hitting the track in august. Not been on a proper moto track yet either

I’m going :slight_smile:

ah go on then… gotta hire a van now :slight_smile:

Hmmm…interesting :slight_smile:

i’m in:cool:

It’s gonna be a good day, 20 mph racing, good laugh :smiley:

C’mon Siper, Adz, get your bikes ready.

with a bit of luck si will have the cr500 on the road by the weekend:cool:

Anyone got space in a van for the 27th?

if your going to be on track garret then maybe i’ve changed my mind:hehe:

Jesus you scare easily! Is that what keeps you from the green laning?
Ahh… ickle Darren don’ get all muddy! :wink:

Or are you scared I’ll show you up?

f*ck me - that looks like a right laugh! :smiley:

We just came back from a bit of camping in North Norfolk, drove through Swaffham on the way home. Avoid the chip shop opposite the main carpark in the town centre at all costs!

ya only just got off ya pop pop, fell in the mud and become a man:rolleyes: anyway i’m just worried that there will be someone else there that will crash more than me:D

my bikes sorted so im up for this!!

iv payed daz some cash :slight_smile:

so who we got? ill have space in my van for 1 more bike

I paid already as well :wink:

Will take that space in the van if possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Might do a sneak preview this thurs 10th if I can get sorted. Weather’s sp’ose to be clear :slight_smile: