SW London newboi

Greetings,I’m based in Richmond, SW London. Been biking since I was 18 but had a few years abroad but am back now.

Currently riding my first twin, a Ducati Streetfighter. Still not convinced and may go back to Jap sports bikes.

So…where’s the dating page? (Girls only, well it is London!)

Ducati streetfighter!? wow…thats 1 of my dream bike, :slight_smile:
Im based near Richmond too.
Welcome to LB. :w00t:

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Ello and welcome :slight_smile:

As for dating you’ll have to ply us with coffee and food at the BM on wednesdays for starters! :wink:

Haha, you’re on! Name the Wednesday.

Thanks for the welcome guys, I hope to come to a LB meet asap (Apart from this Wednesday 18th, as I’m oop North!)

Hello and welcom to LB Nick

welcome …

I’ll keep my eye out for you around as your round the corner … literally and with your bike hard to miss!!!

I’m the blonde on the black er6f wave if you see me :smiley:

catch up soon!

come on the ride out on saturday :cool: oh and welcome, kingston was here so fairly near you

You’ll most likely hear me first. I usually drive around in circles for a bit when on my way home,so no one can find my gagrage and nick my bike, well they can try. I do booby trap my garage! :wink:

What’s on Saturday?


i’ll br riding through richmond to get to the ace cafe on the north circular for 9

I doubt my leathers will be back for then and I have a party to go to Saturday and need to be tip top for that, otherwise I would.

Definately another time!

nice bike, Im sure it will look great in my rearview mirror :smiley: