sv650s fully faired for sale

sv650s 2003 (53 reg) cat C

45000 miles on the clock but fully serviced and pulls really well no smoke or leaks, alot of lb members can vouch for this. The bike was in an accident back in september last year and came back as a cat c write off. since then the bike has been rebuilt with no exspence spared. It is now taxed mot’d and insured which i ride every day.

tax till novemver 2011
mot till november 2011

extrasdatatool system 4 c1 red thatcham 1 alarmdynoject power commander pc3 usb with custom mapfull exaust system micron down pipes scorpion end cangsxr 1000 k2 front end conversion (front wheel, forks, calipers, discs)braking wavy front discs 500 miles oldgenuine rear disc 4000 miles oldbraided brake lines front and reargenuine pazzo short levers brake and clutchpower bronze double bubble screenhid lights (hi/low 6k bulbs slim ballasts)r&g crash protectorsr&g bar-end weightsgenuine sv lower fairinggenuine sv seat cowlgenuine sv tank coverermax under traypyrimid plastics huggertail tidyoxford eye shot nano indicators (flasher relay wired in)

servicesuspension set up by bn race science michellin pilot road 3 tyres 1000 miles agofront calipers rebuilt new seals 100 miles agooil and filter 100 miles agochain and sprokets 4000 miles agoair filter 4000 miles agospark plugs 4000 miles agohead races (steering bearings) 4000 miles agovalve clearances checked at 38,000 miles (no adjustment required)wheel bearings all round changed 8 months agocoolant changed 8 months agoclutch cable 6 months agoclutch worm drive 6 months ago

I’ll include every spare part for the sv:

Throttle bodies
Rear plastics
Top yoke
Clip ons
Discs sv and gsxr
K&n air filter
Snow plough
R&g crash mushroom set up for half faired

And whatever else I’ve got for it

Snow plough???

ofcourse, dont tell me the gixxer didnt come with one? :smiley:

The big massive rear Mudgaurd it comes with as standard

Price drop £1900

stuff it back to the top with a price drop to £1800

Would you sell the crash mushrooms for the half faired SV separately?

What I’ll do is stripe my bike inside a million pieces and list every nut and bolt then once that’s all done you can buy the half faired r&g’s.


No Shiver don`t do that.:angry:

You in the same boat I am Shiver, the mileage and year of the bike make it a poor sale, and it doesn’t really matter what you done to the bike, that is what 99% of people see.

I decided at the end of last year that I wouldn’t ever sell the GSXR because the value of it on the market does not do it justice for the work and effort I have put into it.

Even decided to sell off the Telefonica fairings separately because I reckon I can get almost half the value of the bike for them alone.

Your best bet is to strip it of everything nice, sell that separately on Ebay, and sell the bike for £1,300, which is a realistic price.

Or keep it.

Is that better?

Your right I don’t like the post because your not buying the bike so edit it and remember there is over 3k of extras on that bike so regardless of what others sell for it’s priced correctly so when someone who actually knows about sv’s see it it will sell!

I personally think this is a bit of a steal myself but I do agree that you might get a better return if you stripped it for parts and sold them all separately…

I’m not in a rush to sell it this the thing. If it sells at this price that’s fine with me.

Give it afew months time and the insurance company sort out my money then I’ll be buying a new bike and strip the sv for parts.

From what you say it sounds like you will make more money that way and I reckon someone will bite your hand off for a cheaper price, given that we all know how much work you put into the bike, which isn’t fair with what you have on there.

Like I said though, you in the same boat as me, all people see are the cold numbers, 40,000 miles on a 2002 GSXR is a LOT, doesn’t matter that I rebuilt the suspension front and back, replaced the clutch, gearbox and entire engine for ones with only 7,000 odd miles on them, or that I had added loads of after market stuff.

All they bloody see is 40k miles :frowning:

I had similar issues with my mint restored Zephyr, no-one wanted it or cared about the condition, they see the year and mileage and that’s it.

if it was a thou i’d give you a bit more than that.

but its not you tart:P

I have always wanted a sv650.

Baz after careful consideration have decided I will make you an offer.

the offer:-

I will be looking for 100% of the bike
I will offer you 100% of the asking price but
it will be 100 equal installments of £18.00
and I will dispose of your mac for you (as they are poo)

your welcome to take some time in considering the offer.

just a thought shiver, but the wheels and discs must be worth a pretty penny for people wanting to race in mini-twins?