Thanks to some LB advice I just picked up a 2004 650 VSTROM and I absolutely love it. What a blast! Even in the high winds and rain of today and with a rudder like top box on the back it was sublime.

That little twin cylinder engine may not sound good, but hell does it have some poke.

I’ve only bought it for a quick Spain/Portugal tour in May. I think it may be staying longer! :smiley:

im confused… you say you bought a VSTROM and the title says SV?.. :Whistling:

so what is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah. Hmmm. I keep doing this. I bought a VSTROM, but I keep calling it an SV650 (same engine)

Sorry. I am indeed a pillock.

Had an SV myself for a few years and it is a really fun engine, especially round town - has loadsa grunt and you can use it all without spinning up the back :slight_smile: