SV650 / SV1000 compatability

Anyone know if these parts are interchangable?

Which bits are/arnt compatible?

Looking to change my discs and wondering if there compatible, anyother parts from a sv1000 that would possibly benifit my 650, Please SHOOT!

Depending on version, carby or Fi, most bits are interchangeable.

Looks like they are…

That’s a Galfer disc that is compatible with the 650 AND 1000.
No reason it shouldnt be the same with other brands.

I filtered products by SV650 and then by SV1000 then cross referenced.

i’ve had both, from what a recall the 1000 has bigger discs, the main parts that are the same are teh body work on the K3 onwards, plus screens, indicators, think clip on are the same, other than that all engine bits etc are bigger and dont fit a 650 i remember rightly, front forks and swingarm are also different on the thou but might fit the 650.

shiver might know a bit more.

Silly question but was there even a curvy 1000cc?

The k3 onwards thou had a different front end so I doubt it would but your best off asking the sv forums

course there was…TL1000S:D:w00t:

THOU’S were only made from k3 onwards?