SV650 Sport radiator


This morning on my way to work in the torrential rain, my bike started steaming every time I stopped at the lights - there was quite a lot. The temperature gauge was on about 80-90C.

It’s a new K8 that’s done only 1,000 miles or so, so I put it down to stuff still settling down, and rain hitting a hot engine and boiling off straight away.

But is it supposed to do that? It fogged up my screen and mirrors when I was stopped… Have any other SV riders experienced the same?


Not just the SV - happens on all bikes :slight_smile: Perfectly normal.

In filtering, low speed or running at lights, Ill quite often see 90-95 degrees on the ZX10 and the SV. I dont get worried until it goes to 100, although that’s incredibly rare and Ive never seen more than about 102.

Ah, that’s a relief - thanks very much! :slight_smile:

I had visions of being engulfed in steam, then exploding… although, thinking about it, riding out of a big cloud of it would look really cool. :smiley:

I’ve had 107 before, but it was in traffic on one of those ridiculously hot days a few weeks ago. My personal temperature was about the same in my leathers, I think.

That’s ok - the SV will run hotter :slight_smile:

I had a bloke in a van sidle up to me on the SV a while ago when it was raining and ask me if the steam was normal. I was like “yeah - happens all the time”. I think he thought I was some ignorant person or something that didnt care lol - didnt seem convinced. It’s just the heat that you normally get off the bike/radiator - but when mixed with rain it produces steam… the rain makes it visible when it normally isnt…

If stuck in traffic etc mine can hit about 104-6 before the fan kicks in…so far not a prob and has happened on all bikes I’ve had within a few degrees…

Mine’s exactly the same - and the fan kicks in at 108… although I’ve only had it the hot when it’s been stopped, and I don’t stop very often :slight_smile:

It’s good to know all’s well - thanks, everyone! Much appreciated. :slight_smile: