SV650 2nd gear trouble

My SV650S stead has treated me gracefully since I bought it new in July 05 soon after passing my test. We have made it through the wobbly stall-tastic early days, have completed a couple of bum-numbing trips to my Newcaslte motherland and more generally, my daily commute.

However I have noticed that it “falls out” of second gear every now and again, i.e. it pops out of 2nd and into neutral with neutral light coming. At first I thought it was just me being typically moronic and not putting it in gear properly but having made concerted efforts to change up firmly I really dont think its me (honest guv’). I have also noticed that it occurs under acceleration or after I have been accelerating and have just backed off the gas a little.

My Ninja riding grease-monkey friend and I did at one point remove the gear leaver and cleaned out the crud which did briefly give a more decisive feel to the gear change but no real improvement. I therefore put it to you Londonbikers to answer the question: Is this is a Suzuki problem, an SV thing, or <gulp> am I just a moron who cant change gear properly?

Any advice/mockery is most welcome. :slight_smile:


I can’t remember off the top of my head,but if the SV has a gear linkage rod, this may need tightening. The clutch may need adjusting too. Failing that you could well be looking at a worn gear selector dog:crazy:

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As an owner of a SV650 I’ve had this trouble too, it happens occassionally, but I’m usually at the wrong speed for that gear.


Seemed to happen on the thundercats as well…Solution was to rotate the gear lever round a notch or two on the cog, and therefore allowing for more descisive gear changes…Might be worth a pop, although Chunks has most of them above…

My SV never ‘pops’ out of gear? i sometimes hit neutral instead if second gear:crazy:

i think they do have a gear linkage rod chunks, sure they do.

sometimes when i go down a gear quickly, it revs to the redline and cuts out, no idea why it does that?? but it don’t happen often.:smiley:

lol i have never seen you get ya bike past 2nd gear:P

you cheeky c…:smiley: dropped anyones bike lately:P:D:D:w00t: i need some repairs done i hear youve had some practice:D:P

once you convert your sv to the way i want it, then i’ll stunt it 4 ya

My engine used to do that occasionally and it was a combination of bendy shift rods and worn shift fork.

Cool, cheers people - so I can officially ride propery after all. OK I’m off to write myself out a certificate! :slight_smile: