SV650 (1999 - 2002)

I’m looking for cheap/bargain sv650, don’t mind if its a bit tatty or a cat C, but would like it to be as standard or close to. I had one a few years ago and ant another one as a second bike/project. Anyone know where I might find one?


hi buddy

I have one , but its a track bike. A few mods plus spare fairings and a set of wets

send us a pm if youre interested

i have one a 99 v reg met black and its a naked model,it’s a bit rough and ready round the edges,has new chain and sprockets and a battery,scorpion end can and std can.unfortuantly it’s not selecting neutral but this problem is being investigated shortly.possibly has some t&t and will be up for a reasonable price

Cheers for the responses. I’ll be interested, when it’s up for sale GP, it was a met black one i had before it was written off. I’ve seen a few going for around £1,600 which seems steep. I only paid £2000 for mine about 7 years ago. Or am I being tight? :ermm:

personally i think the price of secondhand bikes is a joke,fair enough they hold the money due to the soaring new bike prices and dealers are after a premium but anything over 1500 for a 12 yr old bike is ridiculous!.

i’ll check the T&T left on it and speak to my dad about fixing the gear prob,it’ll be a fair price when up for sale :slight_smile:

Okay mate, let me know.

You’re not being tight. The SV’s keep their value well, particularly the naked versions…silly prices!