SV1000S Specially adapted for wheelchair user...

:slight_smile: he also has an R1 ( i’m guessing this is a few years later)

i was wondering how the SV would turn (lean) :blink:

and the he came around with the ‘sidestands’ raised

very cool!!!

Great, moving stuff.

thats looks great.if i can`t hold the r1 up theres hope for me yet,that really is good:cool:

That’s the South African guy, he modded one of his bikes to take a small folding wheelchair as well. I asked about him last year, apparently the sports bikes are gone and he’s off-roading on a big trailie now.

I had to shelve my stabilised bike project a) because the German guy who make the pneumatic system failed to send me any hard info (even after we’d talked it through) and b) their system is 12k - 15k euros which is crazy compared to the cost of a bike, and now the exchange rate is stuffed, would mean something like £25k for a finished project with any litre bike or greater. So I’m just spending more on the trike.

The system the guy uses in the vids is ok for trackdays but wouldn’t last a fortnight in daily use, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because it’s like a couple of grand rather than 15 grand.

Thats well cool, good for him for getting back on.
Must be hard on the arms when you cannot grip with your legs.

That is truly inspiring!! Great stuff. To have the determination and outright bottle to get back on a bike…awesome!!!


i’d like to think i would be the same if i were in that situation, some people jsut cant give up bikes…awesome inspirational vids huh,

7 wheel, i hope you do get that project off the ground at some point, would be ace, but i know your having fun on the trike still;)

Ah, Project Speed Cripple. You never know, least the idea’s there. :slight_smile:

On the one hand, it’s heart warming to see what can be achieved in spite of hardship, on the other, it makes you wander why the bike manufacturers themselves don’t sponsor a standard, affordable kit to get disabled riders back on two wheels.