Sv1000 Tyres

Yes I know, yet another tyre thread:doze: but being new to the SV I don’t know what is available. At the moment it has BT020’s, the rear is well squared off. So what would be a good all round tyre? I know personel preference comes into it but what does the SV Massive recommend?

I got pilot sports on mine, used them for a couple of years and I think there awesome.

My rear is due to be changed so im gonna oder the 2CT’s and give them a go. should have them fitted by the end of the week.

Apart from the crappy dunlops that the bike came with ive only ever had Michilen

I have AVON Storm ST, They handle the torque well and hold their heat. I also find they offer good feedback in the wet (when my TL doesn’t pack up when it gets damp).

I have just fitted Dunlop RoadSmarts on my Fazer and am loving them. I am going to write a review and post it as I think they will be pretty new to most. I had BT021’s the tread pattern was bette than 020’s but they still wore to a point on the front and caught gullies. They didn’t last too long either (front wore out first). So far I have a good feeling with the Dunlops, they are a tri-compound tyre and I think may work well on a bigger bike if it’s just everyday road use.

I got the Dunlops fitted at Universal in Southwark and had to order them in.

I look forward to seeing your choice on the next V-Twin rideout.

I guess it comes down to personal preference and practicality - the Bridgestone BT 020 in my opinion is an excellent combination of performance (decent feedback etc) and longevity - as a tyre it definitely manages to combine ‘sports’ with ‘touring’. If you are looking for something to do distance on AND enjoy your favourite set of bends at the weekend then they are really good - I’m sure I’ve managed to get 7 or 8k out of the rear 020 while in commuting mode - (maybe more). The fact that your SV has 020’s already fitted is not a coincidence - they suit the bike.Personally I never got on with the Pilot Sports on the SV thou - the fact that Oggy obviously did shows how subjective tyre choice can be.:wink:


i have them on my bike, they are the mutts wotsits! them or 2CT’s wich are baisicly teh same but have a slightly difrent tread pattern and are more road based?

Go for the Bridgestones if you want a slightly harder compound that will be more long lasting on the road. The 021 is the replacement for the 020 and I have found it works better in the rain and they warm up faster offering good grip.



Go for Pirelli Diablo Corsas if you corner lots on the road and want to use it on a track day. These are my favourites and I always use these on the SV (road and track) and Metzeler Racetecs on the ZX10 (profile is better suited to the weight distribution of the bike in my opinion).

Metzeler is essentially the same company as Pirelli and they make pretty much the same tyre compounds, but my mate swears by these:

Stay away from Dunlop Qualifiers. I have also never found Avon very good at all.

Your tyre sizes are: Front 120/70-ZR17 and Rear 180/55-ZR17

I recently went to Essential Rubber to get both front & back replaced. I was after some Pilot Road 2s, but Mick recommended the Dunlop Roadsmarts, so I went with his recommendation. So far I’ve found them to be excellent, very good level of feedback and confidence-inspiring in the wet. Time will tell how they wear, but in these early stages I’m impressed.

Cheers guy’s:) I had the Avons on the Busa and didn’t like them, think I might go for the Roadsmarts.But I am hoping the ones on now will last till after my track day in Sept.