SV1000 SZ

Here is my 2005 SV1000 Special Edition for sale it’s on an 06 plate. It has a custom high level devil racer exhaust which sounds amazing you won’t have any pedestrians trying to run out infront of this bike. The bike is in very good condition only a couple of pieces would need attention to make it perfect. 1 being the right bar end is scuffed due to the previous owner moving it from the back of his house

Has crash bungs

13,500 miles on the clock

Serviced around 700 miles ago

10 months tax and 10 months mot

Always been garaged.

Looking for £3000 :smiley:

Why the sale Ben?

Moving House mate. New place is further into Kent and doesen’t have a garage. I think if I kept it it would be wasted and not get much use.

Plus i need the money to bridge the financial gaps that moving causes!! :smiley:

any pictures…:Whistling:.

Ben did you just garage the bike after you took it off my hands?:stuck_out_tongue: Also do you have a model release for CM’s ass and my torso?:laugh: Good luck selling it though.

Are you buying another Harley mate? :smiley:

Think you should buy bikerboy’s Buell that I think he’s still got :hehe:

still for sale… :slight_smile:

have you still got the power commander for it??!! If so, wanna flog it?:smiley:

I never did find it mate - think i threw it out when i moved!?! :w00t:

nah he gave it to his brother so he could calm down his c90 was too much of a beast for him:P

Dont you fancy buying a proper bike instead of that girls bike you ride round on?

ah nightmare! Oh well, cheers anyway

Price Reduced £2800 :crying:

hmmm… Do you take PayPal?

As mentioned looking for a commute bike. Or would it be a waste?

Andrei…i used this bike to commute from ealing to fulham everyday and it was bloody fantastic. little thirsty in town but will hold it’s own if its more open roads. as long as nothing has been changed to it about 110 in town and 150ish motorway. Give it a shot and keep it in the family:D

Ben its a good price you should of stuck it in autotrader for 3 weeks online and 3 weeks in the mag and a insert in to bike trader all for £35.00 plus they will gives you a 30 day warranty for you to print out the day you sell it meaning there covered peace of mind after they bought it , would sell straight away especially at the weekends

+1 Ben. I only took a while to sell it because I wasn’t actively trying to sell it. I was seeing the same model sell for £3,500 on autotrader. Don’t forget it’s a good buy…still got 11 months MOT and tax and pretty much new tyres.:slight_smile:

Does my bum look big in this?

Wow its already in Autotrader, how long it been there? too be honest its the cheapest sv1000 in there on that year its going too cheap but it will sell.

only thing is that on Auto trader your bike says 06 2006 and on the LB advert is says 2005? which one is it 05 or 06?

It would also help if you took some more pictures of the bike if im not mistaken Autotrader will let you put on 9 photos, why not take some fresh close ups of the bike and post them up there on autotrader, and try not to capture other bikes in the pics as it will be a good selling point.

I know if you put your own number up you will get a few calls from companies that will offer to sell your bike, alls you need to do is tell them to not bother you again, as if you have your own number up it is also a good selling point aswell, as i know from pass experience as some people fail to ring the autotrader special number.

and if you mention in the add about they will get a free 30 day warranty then also this will give them reassurance about the sale of the bike.

Just thought id put my 2 pence worth in from succesfull sales through Autotrader, i swear by autotrader, i have bought all my bikes and cars new and used and also sold them and have always reached my appropiate asking prices too, even when i needed a quick sale

Good luck