SV tail tidy

I have fitted an R&G tailtidy on my SV, but realized my pannier rack wants a stock one.

my stock one failed on me, so i need a replacement stock one, anyone want to swap a stock one for an R and G one?

sorry my sv parts bin is looking decidedly empty compared with the other bike stuff I keep over. Why do we do that? Just in case?

Have you tried svriders? Don’t come in at straight swap though! nobody wants a stock tail everyone wants it tidy at the back, try getting it for postage

Also how are you getting on with touring on it? Fuel tank was frustratingly small from my memory

not tried there yet, had found someone on a facebook page but his plans have changed.

stock ones are only about £20 on ebay, so i might buy one and sell the R and G one there, might be easier.

as for touring, its the best thing ever. Ive got the 1000, so more then enough grunt fully loaded, gets 100-130 miles till the light comes on.
a week after i bought it i followed BigRedS around Ireland for a week. A different part of me hurt every day for that trip, but nothing since. Had it 5 years now (out of 11 years on a bike) and no plans to change it.