SV 650s

With a tweak here & there




I like the third, a GP650!

With so much potential why would you want a 1200 Blandit?

No.3 is Da Nutz


No 3 is definately sexy . . . tho I do like No 1 as well

Im actually thinking long term practicality . . . I wanna do a lot more touring next year and, tho I’d probably kill for an R1, I think sumthin a lil more upright would be better . . . hence the Bandit 1200 or XJR 1300

If your tall the XJR would be better.

If you’re gonna tour, something with a fairing I’d choose.

If you got enough dough look at a zx12r. Killer bike and if I didn’t live in such a ****e insurance area I would definitly have one.