SV 650 S Rev Limiter

I assume there is meant to be a rev limiter on the SV 650 S ? I only ask as I managed to almost go off the clock this evening coming to work…no sign of the rev limiter kicking in. Any ideas at what point the limiter should kick in - just in case the limiter is defective

Thanks in advance

is this in top gear? if so, it wont - the SV is overgeared and should never hit the limiter in top gear. if not, then the limiter may not kick in until about 12000 revs…dont just assume that when the needle hits the red area that it will cut out.

all the above assumes a standard road gearing of 15-44 (im not saying you changed it, the previous owner may have?)

It was in 3rd…and it was well round the clock - to be honest I’m not sure it could go any further round…

slightly off topic, sorry, but whats the max speeds the SV does in each gear if you may know?
and even my bike i think has a rev limiter at around 12k…although that might just be the engine saying “if you keep this up for a few more seconds i will die”

on the sv1000
1st - 100mph
2nd - 138mph
3rd - 156mph
4th - breaking sound barrier
5th - warp speed
6th - why don’t i have a 7th?


what about the 650?just cos im interested in getting one in the future perhaps!

i have hit the limiter in 3rd and 4th a couple of times, no idea of the speed but you definetly know when you hit he limiter…bbbbbbbbbaabrrrpbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb…bbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa:Drp