Suzuki SV 650 Track Bike For Sale

As stated, I have a Suzuki 650 track bike for sale

Full Fairing


Lovely bike

I am gauging interest. The bike is at a friends atm, so I dont have pictures. If intersted please contact me and we can discuss it.

I am based in Bedfordshire

email :[email protected]


Hard to gauge interest with no price or year!

I wish I could buy a track bike, it’s not 50 quid by any chance is it? :smiley:

£55 is my highest offer

£155,00 is it a good shade of black?

155.60 and a reach around :slight_smile:

i knew the jokers would surface :stuck_out_tongue:

its an 02.

Forgot to say it also has a set of wets

a spare fairing too


Bargain! Still 1250 above my budget though :frowning:

Is it minitwins legal?

i believe its mini twin compliant. I will double check with the man who knows.

keep the SV and get rid of the wop junk :D:D

shut ya face Steve:w00t:…ya cheeky bastid…:smiley: