suzuki [email protected] the ace, 30th july

Anyone going to the ace tomorrow for suauzki sunday?

Might be shooting up there meeting some pepes form the oldskool suzuki site.

If ya do and see me say hi etc.


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im the one and only moderator, im the one and only moderator, i wanna kiss myself…


Erm, aren’t you forgetting the ‘sandal wearing one’ Si?

So i take it no 1 will be there?

Oh well!

I’ll deffo be there, LB - be on my '03 blue/white 1400 with Beowulf cans. My son’s going too on his Bandit 6. There’ll be dozens from SOC of which I know a few, and gazillions of other Suzys so you won’t be lonely. If it’s anything like the Triumph day there won’t be an inch of tarmac nor a blade of grass left uncovered by Mr Suzuki’s finest.