Suzuki Spares


can anyone suggest any good retailer / online retailer to order Suzuki spare parts?

I need a mirror for my GSR600


robinsons foundry in kent, or ya got suzukipares in redcar.

have never had probs with robinson foundry.

may not be the exact one but I’m sure you get the drift:)

Cheers guys!

I’ve got them… are you interesting???

Harrow road NW10.

Often have the stuff in stock - send stuff in post very fast or you can go round and pick up.

I’ve used them a few times, very good but be aware they only sell genuine Suzuki parts so it won’t be cheap. You could also try ebay, or wemoto (as posted above) for pattern parts, superb and very fast service from them.

As above, Redcar sponsor the Gixerjunkies site - used them a couple of times, good service

ChunkyMonkey (14/03/2008)

may not be the exact one but I’m sure you get the drift:)[/quote]What he said, will be cheaper to replace both mirrors form them than 1 form Suzuki and you will have them next day.


I’ve used these (used to live 5 mins walk away) from back when they were London Suzuki & also the aforementioned Robinsons Foundry over the years, both do a very good postal service.

Both now however, are effectively the same company as Sparesdirect was bought out recently by Robinsons.

If you get the part number - then you can check most Suzuki parts prices online using the Robinsons site -

Isnt this post over 1 year old ?

Oh yeah :blush:

These guys are good… From gixerjunkies site
or you could ebay the item?