Suzuki Servicing

I need to get some minor servicing done on my DL650 that sadly I can’t do myself as it requires a diagnostic computer only available to Suzuki dealers . . . . .

I really hate putting my bike into the hands of mechanics as most of them (in my experience) are just fcking awful.

Can anyone recommend any Suzuki dealer workshops (ideally in N. London) that have been OK - thanks.


  • My apologies to any mechanics here who DO know their stuff and have some pride in what they do - you are a dying breed it seems!

I’m a Honda man myself but Motoden my dealer of choice are not a million miles from Old Street and now have a Suzuki arm to their business. There are 2 fully qualified Honda bike engineers in the UK and they have one of them and I’ve always felt that they really looked after my bikes when they had them. I’m sure they’d be able to help you out.

Thanks ‘Doc’

Motoden are very near me and probably where I will end up going . . . I was just seeing if there any viable alternatives.

I must admit though it does sound as though they have got Honda servicing sorted . . . nice!