Suzuki RF600R for sale

Pics are to come tomorrow before anybody asks for them lol

Suzuki RF600r in Red
1993 K plate
TAX and MOT till July next year
After Market Exhaust (Micron)
After Market Front Indicators
Red Screen
43K miles roughly
New battery in September

I am not sure how much to sell this bike for, so I am open to offers on it, I paid 700 for it back in August but after having a minor drop in it, 5mph round a bend (damaged indicators and fairing scratched, also damaged rear brake pedal, have a replacement for this included in sale), the bike has not quite run right, it seems to be laking power, I am not a mechanic, so do not know why, I know if I put more lube on the chain, it runs fine, so maybe needs a new chain or properly just a proper clean… The bike starts fine everytime and is used daily, I replaced the battery in September, as the old one wasn’t holding a charge. The right mirror doesn’t seem to stay in position either, I do have replacement mirrors as well for this, but have never got around to fitting them, as the problem doesn’t bother me. I have decided to go back to cars now, what with the lil’un and my new job needing me to carry computer equipment about.

I am open to any offers, I am looking for a quick sale, I’ve seen these selling on ebay for between 700-1000, but I know mine is probably not worth that if I’m being honest. The tyres have quite a lot of tread left on them, so would be a good bike for somebody to commute on, as I’ve been doing with it. Ow also included in the sale is some Motrax Horns, that I never got around to fitting either, the original horn is still fitted and working.

As I said, I do not know what is worth, but am open to offers on it, viewing is always welcome and test rides are fine, as long as you put the cash for it in my hand before you test ride, if you want to pay by cheque that is fine as well, but I won’t hand the bike over until the cheque has fully cleared (1 working week roughly). In an ideal world, I would get back what I paid for the bike, but I doubt that, due to the drop, so feel free to make me an offer.

Any questions, feel free to PM me or post on here, once again pictures will be placed up tomorrow when the light is better.