Suzuki Mirrors - Are The Prone To Coming Undone?!

Coming to work today down the A2 and my right side mirror just folded in - carried on going, along Lower Thames St it just fell off! Both sides are always coming loose - should they be able to fold in and out without coming loose?

If anyones got a decent spare right side mirror for a K4 GSXR let me know - I’d like to get one back on asap :slight_smile:


Never seen that before mate, sorry!

I’ve never had that problem with either my k4 or k5. Not seen it mentioned elsewhere either!

Ahhh Suzuki build quality again :laugh:Jokes aside, mate I have heard of bolts coming undone on Suzis before…I’ve read about engine mount bolts being a bit suspect on Gixxers. (ask Adz)

I would take the bodywork off the bike and have a good look around it. Check all bolts and torque them up to correct specification. Maybe even use loctite on them.As for the mirrors, someone on here is bound to have some spares, maybe try Da Artist or GSXRessurector. Either that or ebay. Torque them up when you get them.Good luck.

My old bandits mirrors were always flip flopping around and required regular stops in laybys with a spanner to nip them up.

But then so did the chain, handlebars, front wheel, exhaust, footpegs, grab rail, sidestand, engine cover bolts, left indicator and eventually, (and catestrophically) the cam chain tensioner… 38 thousand miles my arse…


i had th same problem mate!!! but i now find one mirror fine :)<a href=“” ><img src=“” /></a>

Yep… mine needs adjusting often and my old GN was annoying, really had to tighten them right up.

What’s worse is the bloody ignition lock! I have to waggle the handlebars and even move the bike forward a bit before I can even turn the key. I’ve tried to get it sorted but apparently Suzuki locks are ****.

I had a 2004 GSX-R750 prior to my M109-R…the right mirror was CHRONIC about coming loose…very unsettling to have the thing fold up at 120+. I had the ignition lock issue too…wicked pain in the ass to get the key to move sometimes.