Suzuki Hayabusa

Is now for sale. Has to go, SOLD :cool:

Not going to bore you with the crap, you all know what one is and what it can do:)

This one is my Black & Silver, 2000 on a W plate, 19k miles, MOT & Tax, New Angel ST rubber, Standard unmolested bike except for Blue Flame duel port end cans and a double bubble screen.

For Sale at the bargain price of £3500. I am not interested in P/Xs or offers, the price is £3500

If you are genuinly interested, come and have a look at it. Bike based in Dartford area.

Test pilots and time wasters stay away, if you want a test ride you will need proof of insurance and the full asking price in cash as a deposit (you bin it you buy it)

(if I know you we can work something out):wink:






lovley bike this ,cant belive your selling it ,what are you getting then:)

don’t do it :smiley:

:w00t: What’s happened Mo - are you giving up??!!:w00t:

Remember what happened last time you sold a busa ! :w00t: You had to find this one to replace it :cool:

What could replace a Hayabusa ?



a b king :smiley:

But no room for a cake top box on a B King;)Is it: ???

Jetstream (26/04/2010)

But no room for a cake top box on a B King;)or a MrsBusa:w00t:

“BKing55” does have a certain ring to it.

Just don’t get a Gladius or a Shiver :laugh:

A Pan?

:w00t: PMSL, cant see me on a Pan somehow;)

DONT DO IT Mo…it traumatised you last time :w00t::w00t:

or you got ya beadys on a ZZR14 ??? :D:D

i take it nick has got you hooked now lol

Nope! not getting a ZZR1400 :slight_smile:

New busa ? :cool:

My half of the Busa is not for sale !!!:w00t:

Well thats that then!!! anyone want to buy a Bu ?:w00t:

im very tempted, still thinking about it but you might get a PM in the next couple of days!!

Bike IS for sale