Suzuki GSXR1000 K7 Opinions ??

Did any one go to open day to look at new bike, it was nice but its wider heavier and them pipes Im going to try get a test ride just to see how it compares to K5, as im not looking to change as i much prefer K5-6.

Yep and deffo prefer the one you currently have.

Saw one at Box Saturday morning - so new the inside of the pipes was shiny… Looks good in black…

black bikes rule!!!

hi all

i much prefer the old one. not a fan of the exhaust.

love the K6

the pipes are minging… the first thing that would go in the bin.

Same as i thought

WSB have 2 pipes cos they have to but only one connected as an exhaust the other is just cosmetic Poxy emission laws are gonna make new bikes ugly going forward

Got my first look at Steve Jordans on Saturday, those cans are fugly… can you forgive that for 165bhp out of the box?? not entirely sure what 99.999999999999999999% of people would actually gain from K7 to be honest… 165bhp wheelbarrow

I have heard rumours they have squeezed more HP out of the k7, but no explanation as to how…none of the usual lighter valves, lumpier cams jive…

The exhausts are fugly, but the headlight is worse…like the k3k4…a real step backwards

I don’t like it. the cans have to go. also the switch with multiple maps can be brain damage I think and doesn’t make any sense to me. IMHO either you have the skill to ride a bike with that power and you don’t need to tune it down, or you don’t and then you should NOT buy this bike anyway… but hey, it’s like all other things in life- some people need the biggest best just to say that they have it…

I am a bit like that as well!!!

So much critisism.

I guess I am the only one that actually likes the look of the new bike. Personally I think that twin pipes balance the bike up, but hey hum. Seems like there is more attention to detail than the old one.

The mapping theory does make sense, but hey, you dont have to use it.

Isnt the bhp 185, not 165? (Depending on the mapping)

but… if sumone gave u it u would ride it right??

I’d ride a scooter if someone gave it to me. Hell I’d ride a Honda CB50!

I’d just try to put it on eBay 1 week later once guy who gave it to me forgot about it…

I’ve ridden it (and a K6) and it’s a superb bike. The K7 has smoother power delivery lower down the rev range so it’s even more user friendly than a K6. The power switch I guess comes in handy for when you take it out in really bad weather, it’ll just make your life a little easier. I found that after 5 minutes I was on setting A (full power) and left it there.

I agree about the exhausts, they don’t look good but that is to do with the design, not the fact that there are two of them. An aftermarket pipe set will sort that out. I think the ZX10R and R1’s stock pipes are particularly ugly too

Just trying to think of what else to say about it. Erm. Oh yeah, the stock rubber on them are the new Bridgestone 015 tyres, the replacement for the 014s. They are superb. Loads of grip from cold, good in the rain.

I think that’s about it. T’was a superb bike to ride, I’m thinking of getting one.

So, apart from a useless switch, ugly exhausts and nice new Bridgestones, what are the differences between the K5/6 and the K7 ? No magic +15bhp appeared or any great change to the handling etc. ?

I would say (without riding one yet) that the K7 will be marginally “better” than a K5/6 in most measurable areas.

The mags will all tell us that it is a “massive improvement”, because that’s what they do.

My reservations are just based on the overall looks, I would have liked Suzuki to have moved things forward once more.

I think I’ll keep my K5 and buy a 1098 next year

I think you missed the main comment I made about the power delivery. It makes the bike a lot better on the road than the K5. I don’t know the effect on track, but on the road, the K7 was a better bike. The changes in the way it rides because of this are very noticable, it’s a big change in the feel. I also felt the K7 turned in a little quicker, but since I took test rides on completely different roads and in different conditions, that might just be me.

I’m not sure how the pegs were adjusted on the K7 I tested (they have 3 way adjustments IIRC), but it felt a bit more comfortable than the K6.

Also, remember the slagging off the K5/K6 exhaust got (seems I’m the only one who remembers)? I don’t think it will be a big deal in the end, exhausts will be replaced by better looking aftermarket ones.

185 BHP @ the crank…165 BHP @ the wheel.

Still an ugly bike, but with great handling an ergonomics.

1098 is the way forward if it proves reliable, unlike other first year model Ducatis.

Yup, those are the correct figures for power (I believe).

As for looks, I think once the exhaust is changed, it’s as good looking as any of the other gixxers, but that’s a personal opinion (as an aside, I think Yamaha have ruined this years R1, the 2004-6 bike was one of the best looking Jap bikes of all time IMHO). And like you say, the ergonomics and handling are first rate. I’m testing a new Blade this weekend so it’ll be an interesting comparison.

I’d love a 1098 but I’ve already heard of seriously electrical gremlins on them. I read somewhere that the dash seems to switch itself on and off amongst other things I can’t remember. The other problem, other than reliability, is the 15l fuel tank. Not a problem if it’s a weekend toy, but not suitable for any distance.