Suzuki GSXR K6 FI System

I’ve jumped on my bike this morning and the immobilizer sign won’t go off even though the bike can start. The FI system is come on so needs to be looked at. My bike is a Suzuki GSXR 600 K7. Has anyone else had a similiar issue or know what could be the problem? I’ve tried both keys and they don’t turn off the immobilizer. I’ll call the dealer.

Here the way to get it into dealer mode

Fault codes


Does your bike live outside? Twice I have had the FI light come on, but is was actually caused by a bit of corrosion in the ignition barrel. It just needed a clean.

after u have given the barrel a squirt with wd40 or the like could be a good idea to disconect the battery|(under the seat) this should clear the memory connect it back after a mintue with the ignition on(this should prevent direct power spikes to the ecu as the head light will be on)although not normaly a prob just a precaution

Do you hear the fuel injectors whir when you turn the ignition on.

If you have an alarm on the bike, my bet is that the fuse for it has gone and the useless device has immobilised the whole bike.