Suzuki GSXR K4/K5 600's

Hello Londoners,

I am after a bike for summer. Got money to but a new GSXR but really like the K4/K5 model. The shape and the whole bike just looks sharpe and ain’t to small like the new ones.

I have read loads of write ups about them being the best ones they done etc. Anyone on here got one? Whats your thoughts?

I looked at a K9 but keep getting drawn back to the K4/5 model. They just look nicee…

Moto-King. Jesus this is the first normal post I have done. :wink:

No idea what they are like but agree with you that the shape of the K4 is lovely - more voluptuous than newer models.

Try the 750 K5 20th anniversary, bit more poke than the 600 with a nice colour scheme. Found mine a better all rounder than the Busa just love it.

Nice Roland. Someone told me the idles can be a bit Lumpy but apparantly they are all like it? I have a Yoshi Box which I purchased. This has smoothed out idles on my old track bikes before.

I like your one Roland. Id have that over a new one.

Never had a problem with my tick over as I always check the TPS when I service her. East enough to check as you can pull up the details on the clocks. I found the 750 is a lot more fun than my old though on the back lanes round by me and not a lot of difference in power to the 1000 but all the fun on the bends of a 600. :wink:

My old trackbike used to have the old -C00 on the dash. Aas long as the - was in the middle when the bike was off and in dealer mode it was fine apparantly. Always the secondary TPS sensor that moves ain’t it?

Thats right set it up with a multie meter measuring the resistance.

I had a k4 gixxer 600 and loved it, I’m 6’5 and never felt cramped on it! I might of looked big on it but never felt it, it handled brilliantly, definetely the best shape gixxer!

I’d love a k4/5 750 now but just can’t afford one at the min!

I’ll try and find a link to a pic of my old un on here:D

Seem to hold there money. Premier have one up for £4999 2005 K5 750.

Just over 4K if its an anniversary K5

Just under 4K if its the standard 750 K5

I looked at this

Its done no miles

It’s about the right £ but you can’t tell till you see it but thats the same with any bike. Just need to check that all the 20th anniversary bits are in the right place as some jokers try to change a stadard bike into an anniversary as they hold there price better. Mine was a low speed road rash and the guys insurance where going to CAT C it so I took 3 1/2K and the GSXR with road rash for this.

Put the GSXR right myself costing £800 in bits Jobs a goodn